New to IEMs - Need a recommendation

Hy guys, I’m looking for a good IEM that I can power from a phone (Galaxy Note 9). My budget is 150€ max

I am in France now, so it have to be available here (cuz i live in Brazil and there are no good IEMs avaliable there)

I may use a BTR 3 to power them if it’s worth it and the IEM Itself is less than 100€. But I rather not because of the portability.

I’m looking for a fun sound, relaxed, some bass. I like detail, But I don’t want a murder trebble in my IEMs since they are for on the go use and they can’t be very fatiguing since I’m going to use it for hours.

But, above all, I think the most important thing for me is soundstage and imaging.

I have had a DT770, ATH-M40X, Koss Porta Pro and currently own a WH-1000XM3 and waiting for my DT1990 to ship

I hear all kinds of music, but mostly acoustic songs. I wanted it to be pretty good with everything, but the acoustic songs are more important.

Thanks in advance!

If you want to go cheap, start with the Blon 03s and perhaps get a new cable like I and many others did because the cable is rubbish.
They’re very good, especially for the price.
What type of budget do you have?

Edit: just saw the budget.

Try looking at the Tin P1 second hand

Ok, thanks. I now about the Blon 03s and the tin t2. I know they are good and cheap. But I was looking to start with something better. So it will be not much of a difference in overall sound quality from my other headphones. That’s why my budget is 150.

Also, i think the P1 might need an amp. And i really didnt want that, unless it is really worth it.

Maybe moondrop kanas pros or kxxs. Or ikko oh1

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Can you tell me how the oh1 compare to the oh10?and maybe the blon 03s also

A couple more to look at Thieaudio Voyager and Shozy 1.1

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“I hear all kinds of music, but mostly acoustic songs. I wanted it to be pretty good with everything, but the acoustic songs are more important.”

:+1: + Moondrop KXXS

“I am in France now, so it have to be available here”

“but mostly acoustic songs”

BLON BL-03 & IKKO OH-10 has too much and to uncontrolled bass to enjoy acoustic music IMO.

Thank you for the recommendation, I think I’m going for that. Can you tell me if i can power it from my phone? Also, how is the soundstage on these?


The stage and details. are above average.

Those two sets are banging in their own right and hold their own in the < $150 melee but any of the above rec’s are solid :+1: it just depends on what sound sig you’re looking for.

I recommend the Guideray Gr-i. They are built to the shape of ears much better than most IEMs, practically any in their price range. Very nice bass and detail. They may look off for the price of $50 but you get a really nice cable with in-line mic, and lots of different tips to try. I highly recommend them. Don’t be fooled by all the different colors, they are all exactly the same.

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Now I don’t know if the 35 Euros (Blon 03s) to 170 Euros (monodrop kxxs) is worth it for me. I think I might go with the blons, or the t2.

I got the tin p1 arriving tomorrow. Going to power it out of my Samsung s9 plus. I’ll let you know how they are. I have the ifi micro black label at my disposal if needed

03’s are solid sound wise and punch well above their price point, the only down side can be fit (that’s personal) and the cable’s wack…but still well worth the asking price imho :+1:

Love my P1’s but they really need an Amp to shine as they’re the power hungry, oh and make sure you get the right tips for you so you get the best seal possible…because that’s a make or break right there…Enjoy them as they’re a little :gem: :+1:

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Which tips are best

That would be my ChiFi preferece, but everyone is known to have their own Taste! :wink:


1.) Moondrop KXXS
2.) KZ ZSX
3.) BLON BL-3
4.) Shuoer Tape
5.) TinHiFi T2
6.) IKKO OH-10
7.) KZ ZS10pro
8.) Venture ElectronicsVE Bonus IE
9.) Shuoer H27
10.) TinHiFi T4
11.) TinHiFi P1
12.) TinHiFi T3

That’s individual but I use the silicon bass tips that came with my FiiO FH7’s

These are new, but someone has to get 'em and report back. If you like bass, detail, soundstage, and treble magic, these might be for you (info page and sales link).

BGGAR’s new $100-$200 recs