New to premium audio

Hello Everyone,

After my much loved astro A50’s died I couldn’t justify the permium to replace them.

I’m a complete novice to all things audio, I have done a lot of research and ordered the following.

DT 990 Pro - If I’m happy with the setup I will most likely send them back for 1990, I didn’t want to invest more until I was confident in the setup.

Creative sound blaster X3 - I did consider the Fulla 2 and the K5 Pro unfortuantly they aren’t avaliable.

Modmic Uni.

If anyone can let me know if I’ve overlooked anything or if i should swap something out?


At this point, you’d be best to listen to what you purchased to see what you like / dislike and then get recommendations. What is your source? and what is your budget?

I haven’t used the Creative but you are buying a bunch of line outs for a headphone amp. You gain optical in though so that might be a requirement or benefit depending on your sources. I have a Fulla 2, not too impressed with the build quality (looks and feels great, some volume pot issues and high noise floor). The Fulla 3 has a Mic input and is around the same price as the Creative, if you swap out just research to see if the quality has increased. The Schitt Hel is better, but at that point you are into the better regarded dac / amp stack options.

I like my Beyer’s for gaming, see what you think on your 990s but the 600ohm version is usually the higher recommended option for the 990s.

Thanks for the feedback.

I might be a bit nieve, I need to download the X3 software, plug the headset and mic into the X3, X3 into my PC and away i go?

I’m on the fence on ordering the K5 pro, there is a week delivery time. Whereas everything else is coming tomorrow. (Amazon)

I considered all of the models you mentioned, sadly schiit is not the easiest brand to get in the UK.