New to this world, DAC upgrade question

Hey all, Im pretty new to higher end audio gear and I started my journey with a Fiio K3 and some Fidelio X2HRs. I have since upgraded to a Magni 3+ Amp and have a pair of Sennheiser HD58x to compliment my other cans.

What my question is is that I am loving this new amp so far but wondering how much I would get from also upgrading the DAC. Currently I’m still using the K3 as a DAC with line out to my Magni. Should I replace that with a Modi or something similar? How to the K3 compare on its DAC performance?

So in order of most noticable to least noticable upgrades in regards to sound it goes from. From most to least
Drivers, music file quality, amp( these 2 are debatable in which order they matter it kinda depends on certain aspects of the headphones), DAC, cables.
A dac can make a good difference to nothing. Since you have a k3 which has a pretty competent dac in it already. The difference won’t be huge at all I would just save that money and look at other headphones that can really take advantage of that amp.

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Awesome info, I appreciate the reply!