New .vs. Old Stax Headphones


I am new here and hopefully this is not a sensitive subject.
My audio hobby is 50 years long now.
Most of that time I lived in Houses and listened to QUAD57’s.

I now live in Party Town, Tijuana Mexico and have no room in my apartment for QUADS.
I sold STAX in the 1970’s and have Vintage Lambda’s and Sigma’s, they are the closest things to 57’s that I have heard in Headphones

I have never heard a High Bias STAX Modern headphone.
I was thinking of the “Advanced Lambda” that you can get for about $1500

Is New .vs. my vintage STAX a big improvement?

Thank You

New stax is very much an improvement vs the stax you’re used to. Don’t think just do. The tech has definitely advanced and not just a little.

Although I have personally never heard an electrostat before, there are other brands these days making them. Koss, Hifiman, Nectar Hive, Dan Clark, even Audeze etc are making electrostats. Might want to have a look at those too

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I think you’re right
I will probably buy a pair of Advanced Lambda when I finish building the amplifier

I went to the store expecting to buy a pair of Audeze, because I liked the Magneplanar type design.
I listened to a pair $2400, I didn’t like them
I didn’t like the Next pair up either.
I thought a pair of $1600 Koss easily out performed the Audeze. I was very surprised, maybe even disturbed.

A month later I bought Vintage STAX Lambda’s for $400 on Ebay
At the time I was using a STAX Preamp with energizer.
The HUGE Difference was not expected at all.
I was lucky the store took back the Koss - I bought a VPI Turntable from them too.
Then I bought a Vintage pair of Sigma’s

There are other brands that make Electrostatic Headphones, but living in Tijuana I will not get a chance to listen to any of them. There is no High End Audio here.