New XBOX Series X Audio

What do you guys plan to do about using good headphones on the new xbox. Currently I have an optical cable going from my xbox into my Modi Dac when I play on console.(I do the same on PS4) The new console doesn’t seem to have optical. I just preordered a series x this morning. :slight_smile:

I don’t plan on grabbing a new xbox but I use an hdmi to optical box like this for my consoles.

Thanks! I didn’t know adapters like that existed.

that will limit the series x/s functionality
atm hdmi audio extractors don’t support hdmi2.1 or VRR which are HUGE reasons not to use with new console…

for the time being most including me are just using optical out from TV in PCM mode to feed dac/amp… better than the alternatives and u don’t affect any of the features between console and tv if ur tv supports them of course

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Thanks for the reply jmaz87. I just saw this (guess I missed the notification)
Unfortunately I use a computer monitor that doesn’t have optical out. I didn’t buy one of these adapters yet though because I had read about hdmi 2.1. My vizio p series has that but I doubt I would use my amp/dac on a tv. That would be a looong cable.