Newb/first post asking for suggestions

I’ve previously have the m40x (because of zeos) and loved them. First time ever hearing anything that good.
I’m looking to step up from there now and not sure where to go. My goal is to find headphones that are objectively better than the m40x for the next price jump or tier.

$250 is the budget but willing to stretch a bit. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’m looking for ‘V shaped’, however a closed-back “neutral” with ‘some’ bass is ideal. Also, right now I’m using the fiio m6 (zeos again) if that helps determine what is drivable.

Thank you, any and all help is appreciated!

You will probably get Sivga 006 recs, the oogly AKG K361, Meze 99.
I’m going to advance the more rare ESS 422h + Shure 1540 pads. Does the M6 have EQ abilities?

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I own the m1060c, zeos has a vid about them. Closed-back planar, so it might be just what your looking for. It goes for $310 new, but you can probably get them cheaper used. Idk, I’m new as well. I can tell you they are super easy to drive. I’d check them out, I enjoy them.

There is a open box pair on monoprices site for $270

Hope that helps!

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The m6 does but I’ve never messed with it because I always thought it kinda made them sound worse

thanks man I’ll check them out