Newbie at HIFI needs help at choosing headset :)

Hello! :slight_smile:

I am rather new at sound so to speak and i am in need of guidance of choosing the “one and only” for my needs which is mostly:

Gaming (singleplayers mostly but multiplayers aswell).
Listening to music.
Communicating on discord.
Watching movies.
Lastly maybe delving into the world of creating music.

To my understanding i would need a good “all-around” pair of headphones for these tasks and i have narrowed it down to a few that i like but thats mainly for the hype / reviews of them but feel free to tell me the why’s and why not’s / any better recommendations thats not on the list. :slight_smile:
Here is the list:

Denon AH-D7200’s.
SendyAudio Aiva’s.
Audeze LCD-2 Classic’s.
Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro’s.
Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro’s.
ThieAudio Panthom’s.

For any other recommendations i’d like it if you would keep it under 1100 dollars.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Those are some pretty high end options for starting out lol. Do you have an amp and dac yet?

And what type of sound signature do you like, and how much does comfort matter to you?

I would suggest before just diving in, that you go with a less expensive headphone to figure out what you like

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Uhm i dont really understand the meaning of sound signature yet (have only been around looking for audiogear for a 5 days or so)

Also dont have amp and dac yet but figured i’d settle out for choosing that after i’ve chosen a pair of headphones so i know the min specs i need.

For comfort well i’d prefer it as i do wear headphones for longer periods of time already (current headset is SteelSeries Siberia V3 so well min-bar is set low :smiley: )

Also thanks for the suggestion but i’m the type of person that would rather buy something that works right away if possible if you catch my drift.
Sure sometimes trying out stuff is necessary but i would rather choose you know like a hummer cause its the safe bet and pay a little more right off the bat than choose a fiat and have to change parts and end up paying more over time ^^

Not easy to answer tbh all those headphones are good in their own right and price point… closed, open, planar’s and dynamic’s it’s down your own personal preferences really.

If you want to pursue music creation/production, I don’t think the sendy, LCD 2 classic, Denons, or phantoms would be the best idea imo. They would work, but if you do it more then once a while, you might want something for more studio

Honestly from what you describe, the 1990 fits the bill pretty well. It works well for all the applications you list and is something I would say is studio ready. It is also very comfortable and robustly built. While I do think it is pretty overkill for a starter it is great

The dt880 600 ohm would also be great and more a reasonable price for a starter headphone

The 1990 might be a bit harsh sounding, as it is very accurate and has slightly boosted treble, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you are very sensitive to treble. They have an even response, and are suitable for music production. The imaging and soundstage is great and they are really accurate and fun to game in. Movies are enjoyable because of the great bass impact, and they really excel at a variety of use cases

That’s what i figured aswell at first but then hearing people talking about too much treble and “cold audio signature” compared to the others i listed which they said had a “warm signature” whatever these terms mean got me a little idk scared of buying them
But well thats mostly because i dont know what they mean with “cold” and “warm” signature but if its what my brain understands it at right off the bat which is kinda “cold = machiney and not welcoming” and “warm = feels of better times / home and very welcoming” then why wouldn’t one choose to produce music with these signatures?
Idk sorry for ranting its just everything is so foreign to me :slight_smile:

So the “cold” sound signature mainly means it has a bit boosted treble, and doesn’t really mean a headphone is bad, just depends on preference.

I don’t think it’s that “cold” of a sound signature in the dt1990, it just has a pretty flat response that’s more in line with what you would want for music production (as that’s what they were originally designed for). People just sometimes don’t enjoy a more even response

Something dark like the LCD 2 classic is going to have boosted low end and less high end to give a more thick then life sound.

The denons have a thick sound as well, but with slightly boosted high end, so it’s somewhat of a v shaped sound where the mid-range is not as prominent but the bass and treble is boosted

For producing music you want a flat even response headphone that will color the sound less and give a more accurate representation of a mix. I do audio mastering on the side and when I master I use headphones that are very accurate without exaggerations and a somewhat lifelike timbre. You just don’t want to have your headphones color your sound. You just want to hear it as it is

Not off topic here really MON have you heard the 1990’s tubed or tube buffered?

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Yeah, it’s pretty interesting. They do respond pretty well and I would say putting them on a tube is worth it if you like tubes

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I would reccomend Just going thecheap route for now and grabbing the 58x. But if you insist on spending more I’m a big fan of the 1990 and I think it’s great for your use case

Lol basically my setup. I can vouch for this

It’s just hard if you want something suitable for music production. I would personally say the 58x is great for everything but music production and would offer a warmer sound. I think a great all rounder the 880 600ohm would cover all those aspects at a much more reasonable price

But with that budget you could always grab some 880 600ohms and a 58x and be just set. Might as well pick up some 4xx too lol

Uhm 58x is that the 580 or is it a modified version of the 580?

It sounds closer to the 660. Sort of like a budget version of the 660 but they sound remarkably close

They have a very similar sound signature, but the 660 is more detailed

Where i live both the 660’s and the DT1770’s and 1990’s all cost 450 dollar right now on sale which of these would be better for the price?

Personally the 1990 is the most impressive of the bunch (technicality wise) imo, but the 660 is pretty respectable as well imo. The 1770 isn’t as good imo

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