Newbie dont get it - 2.5 balanced

Hi guys,
So I am dumb…I guess… or I just overthing everything possible.
Can I just simply get adapter from 3.5 to 2.5 and run balance audio from my btr5?

My dac/amp is Fiio BTR5
I am using Tripowin c8 cables (2 pin 3.5 for most of my iems)
One more question so I educate myself… Can every headphone/iem run balanced audio? I just need the right wire. Do I understand it right?
Thanks for replies.

No, that would have the chance to damage both your headphones/iems and amp, you would need to get a balanced cable for those headphones

You would want to grab the 2.5mm balanced cable then from them

So for iems with a detachable cable with mmcx and 2 pin, for the most part they can all run balanced with a balanced cable. For headphones it depends if the headphones are wired internally, but for the most part, a headphone with a detachable cables with an entry into each cup can become balanced with the appropriate cable, but I would double check to be sure

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Thank you so much :33

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