Newbie here, looking for some recomendations

I’m new to audio stuff and looking for a recommendation for competitive and general gaming/use.
I’ve seen the dt880 600 ohm and the dt990 600 ohm being recommended a lot here, but i have a cat that loves to destroy cables and i don’t think i’d be able to mod them, so i was looking for something else in that price range that is just as good.

Also, i need a recommendation for an dac/amp, i was planning to use a FiiO K5 pro if i got any of those two previously mentioned, but maybe there’s a better option on that price range too. Also, my budget is around 300-400$ USD for both the headphones and the dac/amp.

Should be able to find plenty here for you. Will have multiple guides there as well as an explaination as to what is the most ideal sound for competitive games and towards the bottom will have some recommendations for amp/dacs


Thank you, a lot, all that info helped me get an idea of what i should get.


Anytime, if you have some other concerns or questions feel free to drop a message or even shoot me a direct message personally. There is a difference between a more all rounder headphone, casual gamer headphone, and competitive gamer headphone so not everyone will find my write up the “most useful” if they love a lot of bass for example lol.

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I’ve got the dt880 and 990, but my preference is with the AKG K7XX. Very wide and decent imaging. Feels like more natural balanced sound to me, more so than the Beyer stuff. The main reason to get it over the other two though is that it is really easy to drive. Something like the K5 Pro or a Fulla would do just fine. For Beyers, at this point it sounds to me like the Tygrs are the way to go if you don’t already have a powerful amp and DAC. My two cents.

akg k702 would be more ideal in the sense of competitives which is on my writeup instead of the k7xx as both the k7xx and k712 have quite a bit more in the bass and aren’t as bright. Imaging in all 3 k712, k7xx, k702 has issues with inaccuracies. Agreed that beyers require an amp. For competitives only the tygrs would be more acceptable without an amp though you could use a dt 770 80 ohm and equalize out all the bass and rumble and get away with that still not the best option to take though.