Newbie looking for recommendations

So far I own a pair of shp9500, dt770 250ohm, and tin t2. Looking for something different and not sure what that is exactly. Sorry if I haven’t provided enough info. All I know is I’m not looking to spend more than $200.

Not actually tone deaf

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What type of sound do you like so far? And would you be using an amp with them?

In that range, if you wanted something wide, fun, and relaxed, the Ikko OH10’s are pretty nice imo

Something midrange focused (also lots of detail), intimate, and aggressive, the tin P1’s might be for you, but I would highly recommend a good portable amp with those

I forgot to mention I own a k5 pro. Not sure what sound I like. I feel like I’m being unhelpful but I don’t know lol. How would you compare those 2 to what I own already? I wouldn’t be opposed to a portable amp. Do you have a recommendation for that too?

I will compare it to your t2 (as I think that’s the most comparable). I think the oh10 has much better bass definition, impact, and great depth than the t2, and is really enjoyable to me in that aspect. It might have a bit more recessed midrange than the t2, but it’s still detailed. I think the treble is also more detailed and interesting than the t2. The soundstage and imaging is more impressive on the oh10 to me with it being very holographic. Fit and finish wise the oh10 has great build but is very heavy in the hands and that might affect comfort for some. They work well with either silicone or the ikko planet i tips. I actually like the stock cable but some might find it too thin.

The P1’s are going to be somewhat different, as they are going to be pretty in your head sounding compared to the t2, and also a decent bit more aggressive by shoving detail in your face. Also they might be a bit bass light and lack treble air for some, as it really focuses in on the midrange. It’s just something pretty different. Fit and finish is good, but the main concern with the p1 is getting a powerful amp to make them sound right imo

How much are you looking to spend on a portable amp, and do you want something wireless or do you not mind a usb cable for your phone?

And one more thing, what type of music do you listen to the most?

Reading all that I’m still not sure which but I’m leaning toward the oh10. Now that I think about it I might not be ok with the portable amp part yet since I’d only use it with the p1s for now.

Rock, electronic, hip hop, and sometimes pop. Idk ig anything that isn’t country

I’m with you on the anything but country lol

So personally, I do think the oh10’s might be more towards what you want, and they also don’t really need an amp (but like any iem or headphone can most likely benefit from one). Would you say you have large ish ears and don’t mind weight (as the oh10 are somewhat larger and surprisingly heavy)

The complete opposite of the OH10s – or even the smooth, mid-focused, dynamic drivers of the tin T2s, could be the KZ AS06. Are these 30$? Full-balanced… which means in-your-face-everything, and bassy, so at high volume you get violent, fast “kicks” reminding me a bit of the “bass/kick slam” of my T50RP planars.

Perfect for noisy environments too – it’s impressive how you hear everything with these, even on a bus etc. IMHO, you will hear the full-balanced technology (and the treble will never hurt because it’s a bit subdued).

So what would set the oh10 and kz as06 apart cause they both seem like something I’d be interested in

The price? :stuck_out_tongue: OH10 are 200$-ish.

The oh10 has more of a warm v shaped signature, so it would have a more recessed mid-range. The as06 is more balanced so no mid-range recession. Also the as06 is not as wide or deep sounding as the oh10 at times. Personally I think the oh10 is on a pretty higher level than the as06

Yeah they’re no 30$ “endgame”. :laughing:

That was more like “I see you don’t have anything with balanced drivers, and a 200$ budget, so spend 30$ on the cheapest KZ full-balanced IEMs to see if you like the technology”.

I just don’t use mine often enough to spend more on IEMs.

Might worth trying a pair of Blon 03’s not too much of an investment to see if you like a different sound sig to that of the t2’s?.

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Yup… slightly different. Ikkos would be an extreme difference heh.

If your looking for a different sound or experience how about the he 4xx nice planar sound and is open back

I know assumptions are the mother of fuck ups but because he’s posted this in the iem section he’s looking for just that?..maybe wrong though :man_shrugging:

How bout a collection of cheap IEM’s or just a cheap IEM and a more expensive one? Like the shure tapes and a blon 03? Quite the variety there, expiriences two worlds within the 200 dollar price range. He dosent seem to be looking for a step up per say but something different anyways

Lol, most of us just look at the newest posts. Probably didn’t see that it was posted in the IEM section. I didn’t notice until u mentioned it


Yeah I didn’t see it either my bad boo boo

Looks like the Shuoer Tape might be what you’re looking for! You don’t need an amp to power then… you get the detail retrieval of the P1s with the fun low end of the OH10s! I’d highly recommend them!

Sorry guys I passed out. I don’t mind any recommendations but for now I’d like to focus on iems cause I use em more. So many options tho…

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