Newbie needs help, Headphones with / without AMP / DAC, 200 - 300 €


Im watching Zeos on youtube for some time and im thinking about getting new headphones for music. Im playing games or watch a movie sometimes but i want best headphones for music possible, so do not take into account anything else then music. Headphones will be for PC use only.

Currently i have ATH-M50x (which Zeos hates :smile:) for i dont know how many years, i dont have any AMP or DAC and im complete noob in this case so i have no idea what AMP or DAC i would need or where is the impedance threshold where i would need one in the first place. I was thinking about HarmonicDyne Zeus which is a bit over my budged (320€ including shipping and VAT) but i bet i would need an AMP or DAC to drive them so i guess thats out of business. My motherboard is MSI B550 Tomahawk if thats important and i have old soundcard Creative SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY RX which im not using because of old software.

So any suggestions? Headphones only which would not require AMP or DAC, or Headphones + AMP / DAC for 200 - 300€. And if possible i would like headphones with soft fabric pads for example like on HarmonicDyne Zeus or BeyerDynamic DT 1990 Pro or DT 770 Pro, so no leather or something.

well do you want open or closed, i would suggest you get one of the sennheisers on drop right now and a small amp which would bring you to you budget, if you dont like sennheiser sound then maybe beyerdynamic dt 770, 990, or maybe 880 all probably the 250 ohms if you dont want a bigger amp

Depends a lot on what music you listen to.
The electronic genres benefit a lot from bass extension, orchestral and acoustic music benefits from wide sound stage, etc.

As you have the M50x, any gripes you have with them?

it does not matter if closed or open, i just want it to sound good

what amp would be good for some beyerdynamic 250 ohms? im completely lost in this, i have no idea what amps are good and what should i look for etc.

and what is the difference between Pro and Edition? in those beyerdynamic headphones

in case of M50x i had to boost bass in EQ, i have it like 31hz: +5.5db, 62hz: +3.5db, 125hz: +1db, 250hz: -1db and then its harder to balance it with treble when i have to boost bass that much, 500 hz - 4k hz: +1db, 8k hz - 16k hz: +2.5db but there its hard to balance it cuz even 1db + or - makes huge difference

so i would like headphones with bass but not overwhelming heavy bass, just enough that its not missing, and yeah i am mainly listening to electronic genres but im listening almost everything except some orchestral stuff like Mozart or something like that

i was thinking about some Beyerdynamics but there i would need an amp and i have no idea what amps are good or even what should i look for and how much money would have to go into amp

In other words, you compensated for the bass roll off.

While you could try Beyerdynamic DT-770’s, I think buying an amplifier and feeding it from onboard for the time being is a better idea.

Something like the Liquid Spark and a simple 3.5mm to RCA splitter for hooking it up to your computer would set you back about 150€ and open the door for harder to drive headphones in the future.

From my M40x, I would say bass benefits the most from having an amplifier on these.
I don’t own a Liquid Spark or M50x, so grain of salt with my suggestion.

Edit: From memory, the DT-770’s had a stronger V-signature than my M40x. I don’t like the DT-770 for the overly intense treble. Can’t remember how bass response was.

i dont know if i would be able to get Liquid Spark in Europe, after few minutes of searching it seems like i cant get it here… after i read through this forum, lots of users praise FiiO K5 but its too expensive for me but what about cheaper FiiO amps? do you know anything about them? i go watch some zeos reviews of those cheaper FiiO amps

what is the difference between Pro and Edition in beyerdynamic headphones?

and last question, is there a threshold of impedance from where you need an amp or it depends on headphones and how they are build?

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No idea honestly.

An amplifier does more than just “make loud”, it also takes up excess energy from the moving headphone coil when it “overshoots”.
Most motherboards can drive 16 to 150 Ohm, question is if it sounds any good.

when i click on it nothing happens but i found it and its 153€ with tax and shipping so its worth it in my price range right? and i can pair it with 250 ohm headphones, i have to check reviews cuz i was skipping very high impedance headphones or payed less attention

maybe i go a bit over budget, will see but i was considering those Zeus headphones cuz of only 50 ohms but i think i would need an amp anyway for better quality sound as you said so that would be way too much over the budget

Maybe a forum hick up. :man_shrugging:
I “re-pasted” the link, maybe that fixes it.

I would say so.

There are two aspects to this:
Efficency (= dB/mW or dB/V) and Impedance (= Ω).

The higher the dB/mW, the less power a headphone needs to put out to make the headphones to go loud.
The impedance is how high of a voltage an amplifier needs to push to produce that power in the headphone.

yeah links are working now, thanks for the help, now i go through some reviews of different beyerdynamic headphones and pick one or if you can recommend other headphones in that price range around 100 - 200€


i went with Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm and Topping A50

and the difference between Pro and Edition is that Edition should have more sub bass extension and lower treble spike

beyerdynamic says that Pro is build for studio analytic stuff and Edition is for normal home use but there should not be a big difference

Nice, enjoy!

The drivers of the Edition and Pro versions should be the same and the sound shouldn’t differ either, according to what I’ve seen on the site of Beyerdynamic. They also use the same drivers (as in the 250 Ohm edition has the same driver as the 250 Ohm Pro). I have/had the chrome edition, it sounds very good! Mine are unfortunately no longer in use since I replaced the driver and now the left is completely different from the right one, it sounds so weird.

Primary difference between Pro and Edition versions is the cable and headband with the exception of the DT990 which has a different cabinet for the drivers. Edition has foam padding with a lower clamping force and a longer straight cable. Pro has buttonable headband padding with a coiled cable in almost all cases.

I’ve always found the Edition headband far more comfortable with lesser out of the box clamping force.