Newbie on a budget

Hello, I’m looking around trying to formulate an initial 2.1 setup for my living room. The use would be about 60% movies 40% music, I have attached an image of my living room space so you can have an idea of what I’m working with. The space is a bit weird so sticking to a simple 2.1 for right now would be best. I guess it would be good to notice that I don’t listen to bass heavy music, so nice vocals are my main interest in terms of music.

For the received I’ve read people are recommending the Denon AVR-S650H, so I think I’ll get that so I can expand to a add a center if needed and surround speakers when I get a better space in the future. I like the receiver since I’d be able to play music from a local server using the HEOS app.
The other option I saw was the Yamaha RX-V385. I could consider something like this if I can find a way to play music without needing to connect to bluetooth from my phone or have the projector on.

In terms of speakers I’ve been looking at a few options:

  • Jamo S 803 - This was the first one I saw, I like the design, Zeos seems to have spoken very well of them. From what I gather they are good at producing bass, but I’m not sure how important that would be if I’m getting a sub. These are currently $215 which is a bit over what I’d like to spend on the speakers right now but if they are worth it I could go for it.
  • Fluance SX6W - I’ve read good things about these, they are pretty cheap at $124, though I’ve heard the Signature are just better. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the center alone (for future purchase) on amazon or their site so idk if the only way to get that would be in the packaged system.
  • Fluance Signature HiFi - Similar to the Jamo, looks good and have heard good things about them. The center is also available. These are a bit cheaper than the Jamos at $199. In a sound comparison video I kinda liked the highs of this a bit more over the Jamos.
  • Pioneer BS22 - I saw these recommend in another thread. In a video comparison I liked the way vocals sounded compared to the Fluance. These are currently $179 though I did see that they could be had for less through refurbs (currently unavailable).

The Pioneers are the closest to the $160 price range I’d like to shoot for, but at the same time if spending another $40 can get me a considerable improvement then I could do that. I consider quality over keeping with the budget most of the time (to my own detriment).

In terms of subs I have seen these two recommended a lot. From reading up a bit I understand that I might not get the best experience in movies unless I get a sub that can hit very low 20Hz range and to do that I would need to get into very expensive subs. At the moment I would like to get a sub that works good enough at a $200 price. I have downstairs neighbors so I also want to be considerate.

  • BIC America F12 - $205
  • Dayton Audio SUB-1200 - $149.95 (On PartsExpress) Couldn’t find this on Amazon, not sure where would be the best place to get it.

I’m a newbie to audio gear so I’d like to hear from you guys what you think of the things I’ve been looking at and if there are any other options I haven’t looked at.

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Denon 3700 and neumi bs5.

I had not seen the Neumi bs5, I’ll be looking into it a bit more.
The Denon DN-S3700 is a turntable, or maybe you meant the Denon AVR-X3700H? but that is way over my budget.

Yep AVR, spend once cry once. Its got 11ch 8k 2.1 eARC atmos imax and can be turned into a pre/pro. Did the cheap yamaha route thinking of sending it to the livingroom when the 2.1 hdmi avr’s roll out. My yamaha goes into protect mode when you push it with heavy action scenes.

Edit: yamaha released their 2020 recievers today. 4 of the entry level models will be on the market in september .
On the yamaha website the RX-V6A is 7.1 2.1 8k imputs earc and if you look at the back of the reciever theres preout for left/right. Retail 599.00

I was thinking of the S650H or S750H since that would be enough for the foreseeable future. I don’t intend on getting into 7.1+ any time in the next few years and neither would I jump on 8k. I understand your point in spending enough to “future proof” the purchase but I would not go for a $1.2k from the start. Specially if I’m paying more for features that who knows when I actually upgrade to use them.
The new Yamahas look very interesting for the price and I noticed that Yamaha has the MusicCast service which I had not seen. I would have to read up on them and maybe wait for someone to get their hand on them.

Had similar pro/cons (think most do) choosing an upgrade path, at a point now where the features price and quality of life are the sweet spot to justify an upgrade. Its a great time component wise to buy HT audio, the features of the top of the line models are coming down to the entry level gear.

No fear of going in a 5.1 system with a budget. Going for something with features 4k and HDMI-ARC will get you along for coming years nicely.
No point of going in now 8k lol.
We barely have HD at the moment on “normal / public free tv” and paid services mostly have HD atleast. So that is good.
Even 4k content is in “baby steps” imo still in the bigger picture. It will take like 5 years to be in where HD is now and another 5 years to that for 8k to show up in “baby steps” range of the big population.
Let along more content and networks speed they need.

There are always the marketing hype trains that comes for us all but i like to be in real.
But they have mostly crashed by reality. No content, network speeds and the fact that. Most people are perfectly fine with HD. No real need of pushing more and weakening eyesight of masses and so on.

Middle of the road too until i played my first 4k bluray in atmos and instantly realized i screwed up buying 4k digital copies and needing a bigger boat of at the least 7.2.4. with a 150in acoustic screen.

Getting back on topic, sorry i read your OP again. Id go neumi bs5 micca oOo’s and a RB42C center, for 300 bucks you got surround . Get a sub when you move to a better place.

My hurdle for going above 2.1 is the weird space. Not sure how I’d put side speakers with the walls and stairs being so close. Back speakers would also be in the way of the walking space behind and I’d prefer not to ceiling mount stuff on this rental.
I completely agree with everything else you said.

Thanks for the recommendations

Push the couch back and buy 4 stools. Got the neumies hooked up again in my livingroom, 89 bucks what a riot. Chuckle.