Newest gen hd600

Is the newest gen hd600 different to the older versions? If so what are the differences? Im mostly interested in sound differences. Thanks!

As far as I know it’s just new tooling a new look and the 650 headband, so all positives imo :laughing:
Did see one or two comparisons and they didn’t hear much differences that couldn’t be blamed on new pads :grin:

Yeah, i do love the two pad design on the headband:). Thanks!

there are supposedly 2 different tuning foams/meshes used new one is a silver color older ones are black, I didn’t look that into it but supposedly the black foam/mesh is slightly preferred vs silver for people that were able to A/B both

The foam on the inside if the pads you mean, eg the removable foam piece?

Nope think he means the tuning foam at the backside that’s in the cage with a diameter of maybe an Think that’s the foam they used to mod the 600 into the 650
If you want to know more look at the video of custom cans where they explain their mass loading mod :wink: