News Audirvana Software

Any one knows what are the news from Audirvana?
They have post something on Facebook with a livestream but i dońt see it.

Maybe a new version?

It’s called Audirvana studio. I’m not sure what it is yet as they have kept it under wraps, but they are doing a Facebook livestream on the 9th of may at 6pm Uk time which I am going to watch.

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Ah okay so more waiting.thanks for the info.
Studio will hopefully be something separate, or possibly an update that might have something to do with MQA.
Or completely on the wrong track.:grin:

Speaking completely from my backside with zero knowledge of what it is, when I see “Studio” my first thought is recording, mastering, etc.

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True say, what I also thought. However, a few people have beta tested it as the company gave out a few samples and I have found absolutely nothing about that on the web, we will just have to wait and see

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Oh damn.
Supposedly Audirvana is going the same way as Roon with monthly subscription and studio qualities.
And version 3.5 will probably have very little new additions.

But I only saw part of the show and didn’t always understand everything.

Should it be like that it would be bitter.

Yep, I was watching it. I’m not happy at all. I purchased Audirvana 3.5 a few months ago expecting a lifetime subscription to mean a lifetime subscription, not the company giving up on every single one of their current customers in favour of a greedy monthly subscription. They are adding very minimal changes to make the added cost worth it, none of which I would ever actually use such as the internet radio integration. They are pretty much killing off Audirvana 3.5 to follow in the footsteps of Roon, however the software is nowhere near as clean. Terrible marketing move if you ask me, and pushes many towards Roon

I like Audirvana, but now with the subscription I am not so sure, they are offering a free trial and a discount for the first year for current 3.5 users, it is still cheaper than Roon, before I decided to go with Audirvana a few months ago I considered Roon but the price didn’t justified for me, mainly I use Audirvana because of the way it handles sound resources (keep system resources to minimal while playing music), is the only thing I cared about, so for me Roon didn’t justify the expense, but now I don’t know, Roon is still more expensive, maybe I just stick with Audirvana 3.5 until not longer works, will give a try to the trial to see how it is, I heard that sound has improve too (it seems it has better control of OS resources) so maybe might be a reason but now I really need to think about it if I want to justify the expense.

Well this is kind of crap. Why would I want to pay a monthly subscription for something I already paid to own? Not happy about this.

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I think you could have gone two ways by continuing to develop or improve with 3.5 and then taking the subscription.
That I could decide for myself.

Although you lived on 3.5, it suddenly sucks and everyone has to go to Studio.
To be honest, it’s complete bullshit.

That’s what annoys me more and more about developers as soon as they start to become famous, they turn around and forget the line loyalty of their clientele.
It’s the customers who made the product great when you bought it and now all of a sudden it’s just bad.

Like most of you, I will pit Roon, Studio and 3.5 against each other and decide for myself.
I will probably still stick with 3.5.

What also annoys me is that 3.5 will supposedly no longer be available for download. I hope it will still be available for those who bought it.

Has anyone had an issue paying for an Audirvana Studio subscription? I unsuccessfully tried to upgrade my Origin to Studio yesterday. It wouldn’t go through. Couldn’t figure out the issue. Called my bank and was told the billing site is a blocked merchant. Weird because I used the same card to pay for Origin a couple months ago🥴