Next best DAC after the Topping D10..?

I’ve been using my D10 for quite a while now and am considering upgrading sometime soon.
How much more do I have to spend to see a marginal jump in quality compared to the $90 Topping D10?
Considering pairing with the Atom or TXH amp by SMSL/Drop

The only real feature I would maybe consider is MQA. Worth it?
I have no need for additional inputs.

Let me know what you guys think

Well, what amp are you thinking and also what headphones so far? Also are there any specific features besides mqa that you would be looking for

added this bit lol
no features, none i can think of

Just wondering have you considered the asgard 3?

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Never have. I’d love one but really might get the SMSL SP200

Ok, if you want to go that route then I would suggest you look for an enog 2 pro or a smsl su 8, but neither of those dacs have mqa support unfortunately

What attracts you to the SP200?

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was also considering the su 8… been following that since its release
i can’t really tell if MQA is worth it tbh. thoughts?

i wanted the 789 but the sp200 seems like a better value

IMO no. To me it’s drm for music and is more detrimental to the sound than good to sum it up

and the barrier for entry is so hight!
ifi zen is the only cheap way to experience it

Pretty much yeah, the licensing is what kills it most likely

vs the 789 it just doesnt have pre outs.
therefore i’d have to split the rca from my dac… which i really dont want to do. any solution?

oh shit su 8 can do both eh same time

Wait why do you have to split the dac via rca and what are you talking about?

i have passive speakers on my desk

Yeah the su8 can output both at the same time, and if you wanted the thx you can use xlr and rca for the speaker. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of thx but it would work

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what would you suggest as a competitor to the thx smsl or 789

literally an atom or magni heresy, just as good if not better imo. I think if you wanted to step up from that the asgard 3 or jds labs el amp ii (or el stack ii)

clean visually? or clean sound?

also cant believe schiit can still make stuff for $99 that’s apparently this good (same with jds)