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hi everyone
i am no audiophile. Your posts is so immersive than the IEMs themselves. Thank you for being there for us.
I had bought Kanas Pro way back and more or less stuck with it thought i had got a few more iems then but none give a feel of " body/depth" i dont know the audiophile word for it. sorry to be naive.
Can you give me a route from kanas pro now that the market is flooded with similar or better valued propositions.

i have S12 pro, ZSX, Salnotes 0, chu, quarks dsp, Campfire Comet (do not like it), lyra, bonus ie, IT00, BL-03, Beat BYRD and E10C.

Looking for a fullish enveloping music presentation. i am quite treble ‘hiss’ sensitive
??=OH10/OLINA SE/ T3+/KATO (I think it might be similar to Kanas pro)

Kato would pretty much be a couple generation upgrade it went Kanas → KXXS → Kato, OH10 would be a better bass focus, can’t personally speak for Olina SE but I thought the Olina was pretty similar to Kato, T3+ is more of a budget OH10

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thank you for reaching out. If you wanted a good wide sound stage/airiness with a thickness in vocals and sub bass what wud u suggest apart from my choices? 100-200 / 200-300 dollar range. i am very hiss sensitive.

see audio yume midnight maybe, neutral with sub bass boost

but we have limited brands here where the choices are mainly dependent on
good performance ratio items are rarely brought in.

I take KATO as the grandchildren of Kanas P, son of KXXS. They all have resemblences.

thank you so much for dropping in.
“Lack of technicalities are making it genre specific. Need of balanced connection to be all rounder”

wow that sums it up.

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Thanks for the appreciation.

It means that it not for all the genres but bass oriented.