Next purchase advice for gaming and music

Hi guys, I need your advice about next purchase (in Europe) , I’ve Argon mk3, AKG k712, DT1770 with brainwavz xl microsuede pads and Tygr 300 R ( I’ve also dt770 and ad700x but I’m not using them).
My dac is Topping E30 and my amp is magni 3(old version). I really like all my headphones, I use Tygr mainly for competitive fps gaming (tnx @Falenkor ) and other for rock, metal, punk rock music listening.
I think that my dac and amp are good ,sometime magni has minor channel imbalance issue, fixed by knoob adjustment.
Do you think that Dt 1990 or Sundara is a nice addition to my equipment or I must upgrade my amp to an A30 pro?

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Sundara definitely I don’t find the DT 1990 enjoyable or recommendable at all frankly I love Beyer but I’ve never found them as any sort of pleasure can. It’s 90% work 10% fun.

The sundara would be great. Definitely could recommend that or a 6XX if you’re down get some tubes that would be a real wild card addition to your current selection.

Thanks @Thotstomp , for 6xx which tube amp and valve do you recommend? (I’m in EU)
And for a solid state amp to upgrade my old magni 3? Can Topping A30 pro be a good improvement?
Schiit products in EU are not easy to get after pandemic

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T1.2 + Tube amp is better lol. Not a fan of the sundaras lack of bass but still a great headphone.

swore I answered this but maybe I saw it and didnt get to it. Sundara will be a cut above those ad700x and k712 as they are relatively similar in signature. 1990 has a signature thats not in your collection which is neutral bright. Depends on what your looking for really and for what use case.

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Tnx @Falenkor , I’m looking for an analytical headphone with different signature of the others in my collection and with good imaging like my Tygr so the DT1990 could be the right choose.
I would upgrade my amp too, something like magni so another transparent amp SE that could improve my power hungry headphones. Here in Europe it’s really hard to find schiit products after pandemic starts, do you thing that topping A30 pro or even L30 it’s a good upgrade to my old magni 3 to pair with my E30 dac?

If analytical is the approach… yes 1990 is a workhorse when it comes to that and quite aggressive in that regard. It will tear apart bad tracks.

Since schiit is no go switch to lake people if you want an appropriate upgrade they have similar performance and traits. Topping is a bit clinical though so if you prefer that and they are better per dollar then they aren’t a bad option. I’d take toppings amps over thx

As for a30 and l30 honestly I’d say save your money since you have a magni 3… marginal changes aren’t worth that cost in this case. As for the e30 I’d just say stick with that dac for a while it’s a warmer unit but very solid.

If transparency is the goal though toppings later units wouldn’t be bad idea like the a50 or whatever that mini a90 is labelled… pretty sure that’s the 50. Thx, smsl, and jds are also companies that are more on the clean transparent side… maybe geshelli and rnhp but they have other sound traits as well.

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That’s fair enough. Really anything you can get your hands on I enjoy the Darkvoice for tube choice 6AS7 and 6SN7 almost tube rolling heaven.

Your call on the solid state you do own. Quite a few headphones

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