Next upgrade after modhouse Argon mk3?

Hello there community :blush:
I currently have modhouse argon MK3’s but I’m looking to upgrade but I need suggestions

I’m looking for something that sounds “fun” or “musical”
Powerful perhaps(?) sound wise and not too hard to drive. I simply don’t want something to be too sterile or analytical and simply want to enjoy my music.

I like to listen to HipHop, R&B, Jazz, Funk and some pop.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope you guys can help me out. Thank you!

Based on the music you like and the need for a more musical fun signature it sounds like you might like some of the Fostex TH/TR X00 varients or the Emu Teaks. Something to check out.

What kind of budget are you working with, and what would you want different from the Argons? Current DAC/Amp?

Denon d7200 is another option

Currently have the RME Adi-2, might find another amp to accompany it.

My budget is around 500-1500ish
I think I want something easier to drive and more efficient, Im looking for something simply to enjoy my music with preferably something that sounds good no matter what kind of genre you throw at it. As long as the sound isn’t dry or sterile, if that makes sense?

Thank you for the suggestion, looking it up now :grinning:

I definitely checked out the fostex 900 and 909, both seemed Intresting but still looking at options hoping something was cheaper than that perhaps

I think you should try out a Helios from harmonicdyne. Its VERY fun with a U shaped signature and speaker like presentation with high detail. its 180$ from Linsoul. I think it would make a good upgrade from the ARgon

Still wanting closed, or is open an option? In the same ‘fun’ vein as the Argon, the Fostex/Emu/Denon could make sense, as @JJPablo mentions. Possibly something along the lines of a Sony MDR-Z7 M2?

Could also make sense to split the budget to add an amp alternative to pair with with RME, perhaps something like the RNHP, Asgard 3, or Lake People G111.

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Emu Teak’s are 500$ direct from emu. Emu is owned by creative.

I don’t have enough experience with audio yet to be of great help, but it sounds like the focal elex might be something to consider. It’s easy to drive, no refuting that, but where I can’t say with certainty since it’s the only headphone I’ve owned so far, but may be true, is it playing well across the board with genres and having a fun sound. I can certainly imagine there are plenty of headphones with a more fun sound, but I don’t think personally that it’s too far of a stretch to say it has a bit of a fun sound to it. I must warn you though that it’s only available for pre-order on drop right now and has had some qc issues as of late with reviews on the site. So up to you if your ok with buying one used or waiting on the pre-order and whether qc issues is of a concern to you. Also the qc issue I speak of, is drivers failing on people, you do get a 2 year warranty though.

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