Nice 3.5mm cables for headphones

Hi all,

If everything goes to plan I should have a modded pair of DT880s soon-ish. I’ll be using a 3.5mm connection on the headphones and run it unbalanced (my gear is unbalanced). I am still looking for a nice cable though, I can’t seem to find any nice 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables.
I live in the Netherlands but should be able to easily get stuff from France or Germany.
The only thing I can find is the AudioQuest Evergreen, but I feel like that’s mostly to connect gear to other gear, not really for headphones (so probably more stiff than a dedicated headphone cable?). Does anyone have any suggestions?


If Amazon is available to you, They have some good inexpensive 3.5dual to 3.5 headphone cables that are pretty good for the price. I believe the brand is New Fantasia

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Those are pretty expensive over here, about $35. But I’ll keep an eye on them, maybe they’ll get cheaper soon. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Could get one of the AIAIAI headphone cables (scroll down a bit, or Crtl+F “C0”) or Beyerdynamic.

Dynavox has a 3.5mm cable. Not sure if the sleeving may cause too much noise.

Oelbach has a few cables that may work too.

Yeah I’m a bit afraid of that sleeving, reminds me a bit of the cable that came with the MH752 which had horrible microphonics (as I believe it’s called). I exchanged that cable for a short, cheap trrs cable since it’s hooked up to the dac that came with it anyway.
Really liking the AIAIAI curled cable as well as the one from BeyerDynamic! Thanks for the suggestions!

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