Nicehck Nx7 Mk4 (2DD,4BA,1Piezo)

A thread for the upcoming fourth generation of Nicehck’s NX7 line!

A quite affordable $109, 7-driver tri-brid with an interesting Dual Beryllium coated DDs, Quad BAs and Single Piezo configuration.

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Definitely looks interesting. I’ll need to see a graph before i get too excited

Here is the graph for the previous generation, the MK3 with black filter.

Here is there official graph for the MK4, all filters.


Review is up: NiceHCK NX7 MK4 - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

The micro detailing is insane on this thing. It is slightly ahead of the Timeless I would say. Especially in terms of detail pertaining to stage and imaging, it runs circles and circles and circles around the Timeless.


Dam that looks interesting :thinking: Graph looks solid too. Might buy when it’s on Linsoul rip wallet again :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

This is huge huge praises … holy crap


How does the treble sound with the black filter? Is the tuning neutral, or more warm, bright etc?

Still not neutral with Black Filter. If you employ black filter, treble taming tips such as Spiral Dots then you get a treble an exciting treble. You can even go a step further and apply as Tanya filter to the nozzle grill and that’s where I think some would be very happy.

I don’t think you can get away from the V shape label, but with these tweaks it becomes tasteful imo.

The Gold and Red filter are straight garbage.

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:thinking: Them’s treble kings, treble taming would be more Final E’s imho

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Well, you’re right in the sense that it doesn’t lower treble quantity but it does reduce reflections which “tames” the treble and makes it more accurate, less splashy.

I got them Final E too, but they kill too much of the stage width and overall sense of spaciousness.

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Hi, I am currently having S12 having Penon Pac480 cable which adds bit staging and note weight I like the presentation and detail monster bit cant listen more than 1hr.

I also got Olina with Tanya filter which is great single dd with mid centric tuning.

Recently took out my blon 03 found bass bloaty…changed filter to Tanya filter since I got some spare…boom this is winner and from here it is on my ear most of the time…using pure silver cable and final e tips on them.Love the slaming but not bloat mid bass and overall tuning and timber.

Now I dont have hybrid or tribrid on my collection and I cant go beyond 200 dollars. Do you think this Nicehck nx7 mk4 would be filling the hybrid space for me. i can do some mod as you said? Thanks for the suggestion or any other option you can tell.

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@HariramV Ian does a good job going through the set whilst he’s listening to them in real time. He’s descriptions are a little … wonky in some parts lol so, take his words how you see fit.

Edit: I wouldn’t take the description from the video with more than a huge grain of salt - It seems like Ian didn’t accurately describe the set, most notably in the stage category.

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If there’s one thing the NX7 MK4 struggles with, it’s soundstage width. Yet here he is saying it’s wide. Curious.

I agree with pretty much everything else he said though. I cringe at people using the Questyle M15 for IEMs. It’s not a good dongle for IEMs. It shrinks the stage width by ~20%.

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Well that’s doubly interesting then - an IEM that lacks width already being paired with a dongle that reduces width in the stage but Ian says they have … wide stage. What the hell :joy:

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Yeah, pretty strange. No disrespect to him, but I’m telling you, stage width is definitely a concern and the previous incarnations (Mk1,Mk2 & Mk3) all had the same shell and same con.

ISN H50; now that’s a wide stage - you forget your wearing an IEM. NX7 makes you painfully aware.

Definitely something to be aware of next time I watch one of his vids. One thing that really stood out to me with his specific verbiage was he said something along the lines of (Not verbatim) they have a forward mid range but also slightly recessed … that set off some red flags for me in terms of describing the sound of any IEM.

Regardless - I take it as entertainment, but someone else that would be considering the set should be aware of what you’re describing so thank you for your input, man.

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I will pass on that red filter, thanks. Whooo boy that’s a peaky, peaky boy