This thread is for my current favorite band, the legendary Finnish symphonic metalers Nightwish. Here are some examples (best enjoyed loud)

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I guess there’s not to many Nightwish fans around here. Personally Amaranth is favorite song of there’s. Another similar band I’ve been listening to lately Battle Beast which I’d recommend anyone into Nightwish check out.


Battle Beast: Eden

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Yeah, Nightwish has never been popular in US. Im not sure why tbh.

Battle Beast is fine, but personally I think Nightwish is on another league. Nightwish is one of the best metal bands of last 20 years and Toumas Holopainen is a musical mastermind. He is the keyboard player of Nightwish, who also writes 95% of the songs.

The song I posted, Poet and the Pendulum, is a story about the first singer of the band - Tarja. Basically Toumas loved Tarja, but Tarja liked a rich Italian-Spanish businessman instead. After that Tarja was let go from the band and Toumas had two options (according to him) - end it all (and he did mean suicide) or try to write a song about it. Luckily he chose the other option.

Must-listen tracks if you like Nightwish, imo:
While Your Lips Are Still Red



Sleeping Sun

Nightwish also has a song about the late, great Carl Sagan

I’ve enjoyed the Poet and the Pendulum for years, but recently it came up on shuffle while I was listening to some new headphones. That particular listen got me wondering why this song is not used more often as a reference song for audio reviewers. In particular, it is a mid-range torture test. At various times there are vocal solos backed by choral harmonies on top of accompaniment from horns, strings, drums, and electric guitar all at the same time. The song’s 8th minute features a pretty furious simultaneous shred by an electric guitar and a violin playing - what sounds like - the same part. First of all, who does that? It’s freaking awesome. Second, I think the guitar is supposed to be just left-of-center of the soundfield and the violin just right-of-center. But while those two shred there’s an aggressive driving rhythm from drums and electric bass AND a backing of horns and strings with really loud and powerful brass swells to emphasize certain beats. I’ve now done some critical listening of this song with a variety of headphones, headphone amps, speakers, and speaker amps. Each combo emphasizes certain parts of the mix but I haven’t yet found a combo that is resolving enough to pull off what I think this track is supposed to sound like. So, if anyone is curious how resolving your gear is in the mid-range, get a lossless copy/stream of this song, crank the volume, and see what happens.

I juggest also checking out the live version from Wembley 2015 where Floor is on vocals. Anette was a good singer but nowhere close to Floor or Tarja

thanks for that ill check them

The new single “Noise”

With a brilliant video with a deeper message. One youtube comment explains it well:

"Now that I have consciously watched “Noise” several times, I would like to share my thoughts with you.
Surely it is artistically more meaningful than any other video Nightwish has released so far. And it is so overwhelmingly full of messages that it takes more than just looking at it to understand the deep meaning behind it.
The first thing I have to say is that they are holding up a mirror to us - to the mendacity of society in general and to the way we treat the environment.
For example, the mother - her social media appearance is more important to her than the child’s well-being - ends up keeping the child trapped in her grid (skirt) after she has yelled at her. This prevents the child from breaking out and disciplines the child again.
There is the pharmaceutical industry - they have a pill ready for every situation. These are only placebos, because they do not really heal. If you are unhappy, fat or have an unhealthy diet, just take a pill and everything will be fine.
There are the Facebook and Instragram posters - they are presented as a sect, closing their eyes to the real beauties. They are trapped in their digital world - and if one breaks out, the community takes care of itself. And while they are being beaten up, videos are being made of them - this must be recorded for posterity. They are beaten until they find their way back into the community and give up.
The influencers with the eternal beauty, constantly taking photos of body parts that actually don’t interest anyone - at what price? Lip injections, visits to the beauty salon just to present something you are not really.
The oil prince with the golden shoes, who built his wealth on the destruction of the environment and earned his golden shoes through his subordinates.
The environmental activist - outwardly always propagating environmental protection, running through the forest, hugging trees and watering plants. Only to wallow in oil in his quiet chamber, to feel comfortable in the dirt and to betray environmental protection.

And last but not least the cycle with the Zylinderman - we live in a digital matrix. Unable to experience the beauty of nature and to really live, we give ourselves to this life. Without having really lived even one day, we die on a day with the most beautiful sunrise you can imagine - without being able to enjoy it. We are only pixels, digital - someone presses the delete button and everything is over, forgotten, done…

I also like that they use Genelc speakers on their studios and demos.
You can/could imagine it sound the same (close enough) as they did when playing tunes at home. :wink:

Anyways, i also like nightwish. They have good songs.

Yeah, I heard that for the first media presentation/listen of the upcoming album they used a full Genelec system that was set up days prior :smiley: But i guess that makes sense, since Genelec is also Finnish :smiley:

Anybody heard of Within Temptation? They are similar in some ways. One of my favorite bands.