Nile Rodgers, musical genius

I did a previous one of these here on Grandmaster Flash, hoping to spurt conversation on the depth and breadth of his work. That sputtered, but it won’t squash me from trying again with another of my musical genius series.

I find that l gravitate to music that has the signature of certain producers, Nile Rodgers is one of those guys. When you stop and think about the career he’s had behind the scene in music, and the impact, the legacy of their collective work. Nile is raw ear for making rhythm that hooks you and keep you hitting the replay button.


Funny because he mentions Giorgio Morodoer… guess who the other guy I was considering for my musical genius series. :slight_smile:

Groovy, like your like your hifi handle.:+1:

LOL yours stinks. :wink:

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Who dosent like the message or white lines. Id pull the sofa back, do break dance spin on the empty oled box but might need hip replacement afterwards. The message still holds up. I can dig it, “we are family” (1979) is a Monster.