No headphones needed?

Will it make them obsolete :man_shrugging: welcome to the pleasure dome…

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Yep, just picture you listening to a comedy show and laughing in an absolute quiet room as everyone looks at you like your clinically insane… Or happily beam thoughts and processes into anothers head. The uses are endless! :joy:

P0rn! private moaning and splash noises.

Well, my family already treats me like I’m crazy when I start to bop or sing along with open-backs. Not sure how these fancy personal speakers(?) will make things any worse for me. :^)

Technology is interesting, but I really like headphones because of the physicality of something on my head, the inconvenience of good audio.

I wonder how the Soundbeamer 1.0 sounds. Highly resolving? Transient response? Frequency response? :stuck_out_tongue:

So I found this:
“If we want to talk about sound quality, then we can’t say that Noveto’s technology can deliver high-quality audio yet, but the reason here is that the company didn’t work on improving the quality yet, their main goal was to get people to listen to audio content privately without headphones.”

As said by the startup itself, according to other articles.

Welp :door::walking_man:‍♂

So the headphone industry is safe for a couple more years at least.

Interesting device. I doubt the execution of it will be good if but not a bad idea.