No sub channel at 96khz

I don’t know if its windows, Foobar or just my AV but when a song is 96khz no subwoofer channel gets sent out this happens if the Song is 96khz or windows sets to 96khz if I manually set it back to 44.1khz sub channel is back. Not to sure wat the issue is but it keeps me listening at 44.1khz mainly due to using bookshelves and well subs kinda needed for the low end haha.
If anyone knows anything it be greatly appriciated.

Does the sub channel work at sample rates above 96k? Also what av receiver are you using?

Yeah, that sounds like your AVR’s DAC bypasses the internal crossover at 96KHz or above. So, yeah, which AVR are you using? How is it connected to your pc (optical, line out?). Also, which subwoofer are you using? Does it have speaker level ins/outs?

My AV doesnt do above 96khz so cant really test that. Using a Sony V555ES avr. plugged into pc through optical. My subwoofer is sketch af wont lie. Its a tannoy sub but the actual amb board broke so I have it plugged into another sony amp not as nice using the sub out port. So im using the sub with one of the subwoofer pre outs. Its so weird that it doesnt work in 96khz ill try it without wasbi too and see if it works in just normal 96khz. Unless its cos my MOBO Optical doesnt sent sub channels at 96khz as tried it without wasapi and same thing at 96khz. Right so once I set windows to 48khz it works fine. And sends a sub channel out hmmm.

Found the issue but dont really know a fix for it. But it seems when I set my PC to 96khz it only sends left and right channels and compleatly ignores sub and anything else. Puts my AV into a 2channel only mode. But in 48khz it give it all of them so I can enable cinema effects ect. Could it be an optical limitation?


TOSLINK can do compressed 5.1 (Dolby Digital/DTS), but can’t do more than two channels uncompressed.

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Thats probably it then xD. Damnit so it can do 48khz due to the AVR but anything more and the AVR wants dedicated channels. Thats annoying haha fuck toslink. What can I get to get 2.1 out? or 5.1 to it in future. As Ima use this AVR till it dies sounds so fucking good.

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Could check in the settings of your AVR, maybe it is trying something strange when receiving high sampling rates.

Or you send 2.0 but with full range and let the AVR do the crossover.

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Yeah not too sure I dont really have a screen for settings haha. I send full range anyway but it only gives out .1 with 48khz any higher and its just stereo. Lmao its something with optical I think as depending on the input the av does different settings and at 48khz its all unnlocked but 96khz it goes into 2channel only so much be optical fucking it over. It has manual 5.1 inputs so Im thinking a dedicated dac for it? otherwise not too sure. I mean 48khz is fine for now as the speakers I have arnt too great.

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I could always buy another AVR, one with preouts and still use it haha. But if I was going to do that Id want one with HDMI 2.1. Mainly cos im getting a 4k120hz TV

Replace the AVR or replace the sub amp. If you get a sub amp with speaker level ins and outs (and you use them!) then this will be a nonissue

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Yup guess that works too haha. Not replacing the AVR so I guess I could do that. Haha totally forgot speaker line in exists cos ive been running it jerryriged for so long. But might not even need the sub when I get my towers so shouuldnt be an issue :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah thanks didnt think of that haha