Non-mobile bluetooth DAC

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of trading in my FiiO E10K for a DAC with bluetooth. This would be used everyday at my desk, so I’m not looking for a BTR5 or something like that, I plan to hook it up to my Liquid Spark Amplifier, so I need the line out. I would like to keep it close to €100 if possible. So far the only real options I’ve found are the FiiO BTA30 and Xduoo XQ-50 pro. Does anyone know whether these are any good or whether there are better options?
I saw the Zen Blue but they are a bit above my budget. I like the Topping MX30 but it doesn’t have a line out unfortunately.

I will be using it with the HE-400i (2020) I have just ordered and probably the Grado SR-60e which I’m hoping to get somewhere next month.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How about the S.M.S.L B1?

Oh yeah forgot to mention that one. I also found it but I have no idea how it compares. They are all annoyingly small considering I was hoping to put my Liquid Spark on top :confused:.

Blu-Dento…There is also a lesser model that is about $20 cheaper if you don’t need the HD ability. It will do exactly what you want right at your price range and yes it sounds just fine for $100…

That one looks nice as well, unfortunately it’s not available where I live.