Noob needs so help

Heya all, first time posting.

I’ve mostly dealt with headphone stuff, but decided to start my home theater. Got lucky and found some Swans M300MKII for $600 on Amazon refurbished, and bought a Denon AVR-S540BT, and thought everything would be fine… But the Denon only has the speaker wire out, and the Swans don’t have an input for that… whoops. How’s do you think the best way to set these up would be, given the current receiver? Some kind of adapter? Thanks! (Also, is there a different term besides “speaker wire,” feels like there’s be something more official."

isnt the swan an active speaker?

so if im right you only need to plug the optical output of your reciever into the swan, or if you dont have another use for the reciever you can even return it an use the optical out of your tv for the swan