Noob Question - Multiple RCA Inputs = Lower Power/Volume?

Hey There!

So I’ll give a low down of my current setup.

Beyerdynamics DT770 - 250 Ohms
Schiit Magni Heresy
RCA splitter Link

Setup (Headphones to Inputs):
Headphones > Amp > RCA Splitter > RCA to 3.5mm into my Monitor & RCA to 3.5mm to my PC

I need to run these inputs at the same time because when I am console gaming, I use my PC for party chat with a wireless modmic and then run the game audio through my monitor.

So here lies my question…

Why does it feel like, since the RCA connections are split, that I am only getting half power from the amp? If I were to only plug one or the other in, without the splitter, I get incredible power when I crank it, but when I have it split, the amp’s power/volume is much lower.

Why does this happen? Would I need to get a mixamp or something? Or maybe get an RCA audio switch, that let’s me controls which inputs are being utilized? That way, if I only want to use PC audio, I get the full power from the amp.


Is this your setup?

Because the other device is pulling the signal level low.
Imagine having a rope running round a tree. When you pull on one end and your friend lets go of the other, you are not taking that tree down.

Cheapest solution would be a passive mixer like the ART SplitMix 4. It takes stereo 1/4" jack in and out (bottom row is mixer). So from the SplitMix4 to the Schiit Heresy, you would need a cable like this:

Yeah that’s what my setup looks like. (Blank box in the middle would be the splitter I linked with the RCA to 3.5mm cables)

So if I were to get that passive mixer, would I need to get three sets of the cables you depicted? (1 for Heresy, 1 for PC, 1 for Monitor). If not, how would incorporate the mixer with my current RCA splitter setup?

I appreciate the help and explanation!

Depends on what sort of outputs your console and monitor have.

They are 3.5mm, but I already have them connected with RCA to 3.5mm cables to the RCA splitter, which feeds into the amp

So I’m guessing I’d need three of those cables you showed, and just plug the splitter into those?

Either that (pay attention to get RCAs of the right gender), or you buy some 1/4 to 1/8 cables.

Should be about the same price wise.

Ohhhh okay!

I understand now, I won’t need to use the splitter with this setup (assuming I get the 1/4 to 1/8 cables).

So once it’s all set up, I’ll be able to set how much power/volume comes from each input?

Because it is a passive mixer, you may want to have the volume on your pc and console relatively high.

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