Noobish question - Line in VS aux in

What’s the difference between line in and Aux in?
And can I connect powered monitors to either one?

Line Level is the maximum amplitude of an analog signal.

“Line In” commonly labels a pair of RCAs while “Aux” is commonly a 3.5mm to quickly and temporary feed in “consumer devices” to sound installations (like a smartphone to a conference speaker sysem).

Electrically, they are the same.

So basicly, they are both a no for powered monitors,
Thanks :smile:

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Line-In is more computer related term, usually audio going in the device.
Since you can have Line-Out also, audio coming out.

AUX is more the socket, in any audio related gear.
Can be IN or Out or just AUX. Depends of what it is used. :slight_smile:

You should connect monitors to Line Out.

Both are fine for powered monitors.

They sometimes have TRS-jacks that accept TS (unbalanced) and TRS (balanced).

You regularly use line-in as output audio for powered monitors?
Might have some issues from audio coming out. :wink:

Well, yes! :kissing_heart:

We talked about Line-In. :wink:
I know i know I know.

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