Nostalgic or Sentimental

I figured, many HFG discussions revolve around what’s the best for x,y,z or what fits my criteria for an upgrade, so I wanted to know,

What headphones, iems, earbuds, or any audio equipment that you bought in the past that just wasn’t that great, but you still enjoyed and remembered them.

What I really enjoyed but knew wasn’t the best,

  • Sony xb500 - for BASS.

Had to get used to how muddy and dark they sounded and I still have them in a box somewhere, but I really enjoyed them when they were in rotation.

  • Yuin Ok3 - Earbuds for bike rides

I would ride my bike with these on since there wasn’t any isolation. Really enjoyed how they sound and kind of want another pair but they weren’t perfect. They always flew off my ears.

  • sony xb950 - I miss these.

They were meh but they were so convenient and I didn’t have to worry about taking good care of them. Got drunk and broke them…

  • aiaiai tma-1 - dark and muffled

Had a price tag that was too high. Still have them and I still don’t understand why I kept them. Abused these and have had them covered in paint and scuffs. Btr3 clipped to the headband gave these new life as beater headphones that will be sure to slip off your head.

  • Pioneer sa-1000 - stereo amp.

My first amplifier. Had to have it repaired a couple times by the people who sold it to me. Made my speaker sound great and even did a great job on my dt880s giving it warmth and a tube like character. This was when I hit my first “endgame.” Now it sits in storage. It wasn’t perfect, but I miss how it sounds. Especially with my turntable connected to it.

It’s funny how I now have better sounding headphones and equipment but I still kind of miss how those old pieces made me feel.

Have any sentimental pieces of equipment or ones that bring back a bit of nostalgia?

Happy new year HFG community!

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I don’t remember the model…but when I got a PC back in 2003 I had some horrible crap headphones, so went and bought some $30 Plantronics and wow. I didn’t kn ow sound could get that much better!

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A pair of speakers from waay back Optimus pro LX4s still have them and they still work pretty dang well for something that old… The veneer is peeling off the cabinetry… Also my Sennheiser 558s that I have had for a long time as well. A thirty yr old Denon receiver that I still use in my garage. Very old set of shure ear buds here in a drawer that also still work…

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Have my dad’s old Teac A-H300 MK1 integrated amp. Still looks good, just wish I had use for it. Impedance is too high for my Koss on-ears and Audio Technicas. So is the noise floor. Maybe it will actually pair well with my Pro4AA, will have to see when my adapter comes in the mail.

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Ultrasone proline 2500. I wont say they are bad but i have a hard time going back to them. They also took on a lot of wear just from normal desk use. I like my Ultrasone hfi780s much better

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