Not sure where to put this - upgrade advice

Been awhile since I’ve prowled this forum.
I recently got a decent bonus at work and have some $$ burning a hole in my pocket.

My current set-up is a OG Bifrost 2, Jotunheim 2 feeding a Hifiman Arya 2. I do really love this set-up.

My thoughts on upgrading are bumping the Bifrost to the 2/64 , maybe add the Burson soloist X3 or adding a dynamic headphone to the mix. I’ve had the HD 58x, HD 660, the Elex and Clear MG in the past and enjoyed them till I fell in love with the planer sound.

I’d like to keep it under $500, but might could stretch it for the Burson if that’s the right path.

What would you do?

Personally id go for a headphone of some kind, its more varity spices things up.
Doesn’t have to be dynamics, things like Dan clark audio aeon closed or maybe Argons can also be a nice additions (if i remember correctly you should have enough power to run both properly but would ask people who have those combos) .

In dynamics you have stuff like the Zeus or the Focal Elegia at that price range but they are very different to the hifiman sound so im not sure if you’ll like them

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Since your setup is very stationary, If I were you and trying to keep it under $500 I would grab a portable source and some ear buds like the Serratus to have a mobile setup

Thank you for your reply. I have several Bluetooth headsets paired to my phone for that purpose.