Now that you're working at you have stuff to do?

I’m in B2B technology sales and while I have stuff to do…it’s very little as purchases have slowed. most of my time is now spent sending out CRM emails. :stuck_out_tongue:

what about you? are you busy or get to lounge around listening to music on your epic gear?

I do test automation for a Salesforce development team at a waste management company. No slowdown in work for our team so far.


I would say things have been a lot busier for me and I’m still trying to transition. Working from home, for the most part, I have same workload as when I was in the office.

However now I have my kids out of school, but they still need log in to their district accounts for remote learning. They are getting little bit better logging in and getting into what they need to do on their own, but still comes with random interruptions. My first grader has a Zoom meeting with her class tomorrow, the kph30i will work well for that.

welp the government deemed my job essential so Im still working.

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Some lectures and classes have moved online. Everything is slow but people reply to emails!

Studying, I’m in Graphic Designing College so online or irl my classes are pretty much the same.
Despite that of course I have to make videos and I have to say quarantine allowed me to catch-up with things I had to postpone during exams.

I’m in the support organisation for Health Industry Software. I code changes for client’s software that send “messages” from our software to third-party software. Not a lot of people are making changes to their systems at the moment so I think incoming work is slowing down, but not stopping so I’ve got plenty of work. My day is much more enjoyable now that I can listen to my home setup for 6+ hours. When I’m not working, I’ve been cruising through Persona 5. Remote playing on my PS Vita with an es100 bluetoothed to it and listening with my porta pros. What an excellent soundtrack to play such a long game to.

I didn’t mind regular HL7 or DICOM queries, but X12 messages I hated.

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I pretty much only deal with HL7 in my role thankfully.

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I’m a storyboard revisionist on an animated series so my work is generally unimpeded


i build jeeps. jeeps not critical. chillax time =)

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I’m in real estate management. Not much going on. Time for new iem’s, book reading and sun baths on my balcony :sweat_smile:

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Still working, essential retail so only difference for me now is the stress and tension in the store I have to deal with now. Oh plus I’m working 14 hour shifts as of a week ago so I’m stupid tired and busy


Stay safe man. Hopefully things will peak and get better in a few weeks.

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do you wear any protective gear? plastic overwear? gloves? masks?

In my line of work that stuff would just get in the way or torn real quick. I work for home depot in the garden department and do loading of mulch, rock, soil, gravel, pavers, grills, mowers, straw, etc. All day so latex gloves get torn pretty quick and while a mask is doable, it would be miserable in the 80-90 degree weather we’ve been seeing here and I already have a hard enough time breathing as it is.

I will say though working the long shift is not all bad since I’m getting double pay for overtime as well as bonuses on top of that based on hours worked, so while this whole situation is ridiculous, the money that I’m making right now is also. Plus at least they aren’t laying off people, instead we are hiring as many new associates as possible to help the people who are layed off.


Working from home? Yes, please!

Google Photos

Left computer: Mac Mini
Right computer: Windows 10 NUC
DAC: Topping DX7s
Speakers: Adam Audio T5V

I have the matching Adam Audio 10TS sub out for delivery right now. :slight_smile:


Hmmm, never heard of this sub, could I get a link (just curious)?

It’s the matching sub for the Adam Audio T Series.

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