Number of Categories

We are now up to 11 main categories with too many to count sub-categories.
To me, tags look to be a better option than adding ever more categories. Especially as tags can be added by TL3 and above members, categories are TL4 and above only (IIRC).

Why tags?
Speakers can be in several categories right now:

  • Equipment
  • Speakers & Subwoofers
  • DIY Audio
  • Car Audio
  • Hometheater

Possible future addition: Studio gear

Why not have speakers be a category and then tag them according to the situation?

Maybe I am alone in “too many categories confuse people”-camp, I don’t know.

We can do that, or just merge some of the categories into stuff like under speakers and subs lies the home theater, music, and studio speakers, etc

IMO at the moment it isn’t too bad with the number of categories, but in the future it would make more sense to combine them

IDK I kinda like the way it’s setup now