NX-Otica DIY speaker kit

Here’s the build log of my NX-Oticas

Checking I have all the parts.

Glue up.

Painted front bafel.

Flattening the cherry veneer. It arrived in roles and had some extreme curvature. I left it like this for 48 hours.

Glueing the veneer. No pictures of this but I used a hand held router to cut the veneer to the shape of the cabinet.


Finished the wood with tung oil.

Installed the drivers and wired them up.

Built the crossovers.

NoRez to reduce cabinet resonances.

Some finished shots


Gorgeous speakers, gorgeous setup, and I bet they sound even better!



How much did that cost you in parts and how long did it take to do all the work to cut / assemble and finish? and lastly…what would you do differently when you make custom speakers next time?


Not him, but my number one lesson learned is test the crossover if it is going somewhere not easily accessed. Number two is add like 5-10% to your estimated wiring measurements to make things easier to move if you need to do something without desoldering EVERYTHING. Note that this was also on a speaker with a 4’ baffle, ~15 crossover components and over 11’ of internal wiring.


beautiful work and nice listening room :star_struck:
one if my biggest regrets to not have the space for a listening room and build such beauts :kissing_heart: but hey got a BH S.E.X kit coming so i can at least do some tinkering there ^^


The kit itself was a bit under $4K, and I probably spent another $300 on materials and tools (glue, paint, veneer, finishing oil, sandpaper, clamps, etc.)

It took me around 2 months to do everything. The panels come pre cut, thank god, otherwise I don’t think I could have done it.

I don’t think I’d have anything major to do differently. I could avoid small mistakes in painting glueing and veneering. If I were thinking ahead I might have put threaded inserts in the base to add some kind of iso feet or spikes later. I could probably painted some of the parts before assembly which would have saved me from having to mask off with tape a lot.


Extremely well executed! I really like the overall aesthetic as well. Any review on how they sound?

I really like them, but I’m not a reviewer and wouldn’t begin to know how to describe things.

This is the review that got me interested in them in the first place.