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I just heard from Joseph, who had offered to help. He said they would charge me another $160 to retune my EJ07m KLs .
I would have to pay shipping costs, be without them for another coupla months and then there is no guarantee they would be sorted when I got them back.
I was hoping for more.
Disappointed, I am off the Letshuoer bandwagon.
God Bless,


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The alcohol pad mod I read about should help you out Wayne and tame the highs just the right about hopefully for you. Cheers J

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Sorry to hear that, and sorry for the bad experience. Did you consider to reshell into universal and flip them? At least you get some of the money back…

This sucks.


How you liking the ie600’s?

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Thanks Nymz, you are right it sucks.
No, they are my mistake to live with, I am through with Letshuoer.
I may try some mod IF I think it will stay in the ciem and not get stuck in there or in my ear.
For the music which is too harsh to listen to on the KLs I will probably just go back to my trusty old Eartech monitors which are great for an all b/a set.
All the best, God Bless,

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!!!Annoucement incoming!!!

Thanks to the Great CEO, the Tea Cult has now a new member: myself

The set, although not new is a better set than any out-of-the-box manufactured product. It is THE ONE, an authentic artefact, a religious relic. It is the set that our very own CEO possessed, the scepter with which he created our convention.

So please fellow members, let’s all gather our faith, let’s rejoy!! Our cult is spreading, and as we speak, many lost souls see the light again !! All praise the Teas, all pray the Teas!!

On a more serious note, I am now listening to my test playlist with the teas. The L&P I’m using is making ground noise, but it doesn’t prevent me from enjoying that set. It is so special. It’s mainly due to its unique tuning, that create a presentation I didn’t hear anywhere else, helped by the technical capabilities of its drivers. Hearing them again is so good!

The tea is a special set I. It’s own right. Mine is even more special (to me) as I tried it, “reviewed” it, and @nymz, that crazy bastard, gave them to me. It has history with me, and that adds to its value.

So a huge thank you again, nymz. I never thought I could get a free iem like this, but I’m very glad I did :smiling_face_with_tear:


Congratz. The moment I heard your thoughts on it, I knew they had find a new home.

Enjoy and take care of them. No matter what anyone says, that’s the best ever made Mangird Tea set ever made! No other set turned a meme into a cult and a troll into a reviewer.

This was the first picture ever taken of that set and now we have another one. The torche passes on.

Be kind, be smart, always carry forward. You never know.

Welcome to the Tea Cult and here’s your :cookie:. (just realized I could have sent one inside lol)


From Croatia with love,



Hi all, thinking of joining the Tea cult but not sure if I should get the Tea or Tea 2. Cost is not an issue, just worried about the treble tuning.

I read that Tea 2 has a slight boost in the higher frequencies, as someone who thinks Blessing 2 is a bit too shouty and bright/thin and Timeless has an almost perfect treble (slight glare at times), do you guys think Tea 2 might cause sibilence issues or is it less elevated in the treble compared to above 2 IEM’s?

I do like an elevated Bass, so can someone share how the Bass of Tea/Tea 2 compares to Blessing 2 or Timeless? Thanks.

IIRC, the timeless is far more V shaped than tea2 so you should be ok with tea2.

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I recently compared this one. I have Tea2 and have auditioned Blessing 2, I feel like Blessing2 is shouty, fatiguing and thin but has more bass weight and quantity in it and bigger soundstage vs Tea2.

But Tea2 is warmer, thicker notes(but not as good thick yet as KL), detailed, has nice sub bass, music is more intimate more in your face feels and better fit.

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Just to build on this, is the KL is a good upgrade to the OG Tea? @nymz if I recall correctly, I believe you said in a previous post that the EJ07 OG is a more direct upgrade?

I love the OG Teas, especially paired with a RU-6 but GAS / curiosity keeps getting the best of me.

Yes, EJ07 is the right call if you love Tea OG. It’s basicly a steroid boost on Teas, going from omgyes to omgthebestever.

KL is a direct upgrade to Tea2.

Tea2 will be more your jam, as @Erokh rightly said!

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Thanks for the comparision, it’s very helpful. About the Bass, do you mean B2 has better Bass? I was under the impression that Tea 2 was more elevated here.

So, I’m leaning towards the Tea 2 after your suggestions. After reading a few reviews, here’s what my conclutions are and please correct me I’m wrong

*Tea 2 is Sub-Bass focused and slightly elevated (not Basshead level)
*Tea 2 has tiny bit more detail compared to OG Tea and less boring cause of some increased treble energy.
*Imaging is good but soundstage isn’t the widest
*Overall a relaxed set and one of the better sets in it’s price range.
*Does not compete with Tri-brods like Oracle, Monarch…

I’m going to use xDSD Gryphon with Tea 2, has anyone tried xBass with Tea 2 and noticed any distortion?

Sorry for extra questioning, there’s only one distributor here and no return windows here so need to be thorough.

B2 has more mid bass quantity but is thin sounding, Tea2 IMO has better subbass but less bass quantity.

Tea2 should have more mid bass as well, due to less treble (relatives). If you look at the graph and you lock @ 200hz, it’s pretty easy to spot. For the same frequency Tea2 has much lower treble enphasis, and due so it will come out as more bassy than the B2. This is also where the note weight is coming from.

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Thanks for the responses, I’ll order the Tea 2.

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GIANT :cookie: FOR YOU <3

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