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You can check my inventory all over my thread and on my rankings. This was is easier to keep up. Anything, just ask away!


nymz’s current recommendations

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You can check my recs all over my thread and on my rankings. This was is easier to keep up. Anything, just ask away!


Tracked right away.

(reserved 4)

Ninja :DDDD


Are you planning to get the Hekili?


Hey grats @nymz.

About time. :slight_smile:

It was expected! But I expect to improve the quality to buy it again. It will not be on 11.11. , buuuuut …

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There is no information anywhere what are the Hekili drivers? Also what is the frequency range? I know there are 4 BA for mids (Sonion 23??) . What is DD made of? Does anyone know or share the link?

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Yap, I should have bought a 2nd pair. I’m not reccing it atm precisely because of that. I’m keeping my pair on a box (which is funny, because it is on @igor0203’s way right this moment) until they fix it. I’m using my other IEMs as beaters :wink:

All the information out there is only by @hawaiibadboy and you can check it on his Squid/Thread. I’m not sure yet if I’ll get it, but I don’t want just to say no, specially when it got praised and I loved most things about Lokahi :slight_smile: I’ll see about it!



This is great to see, and wish you the best success with all of your efforts.


Thanks, darling. Mid-heads power :love_you_gesture:

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btw: Why I’m on 4th place? I thought you like me more than @Godria :crazy_face:


This is very good. I just didn’t understand what your final game was? Maybe: Tea+RSV+07m?! Оr just one set? Why did you give up MK2, what did you not like about them? I am also interested and to some extent we have the same taste for midrange, although our library is different! And finally: where did @vasix and @Resolution disappear :grin:

nymz’s 11.11 recommendations/shopping list (Work in progress)

Well, it’s the time of the year again, so I’ll try to leave it marked here, as I find nice deals. I’ll focus on stuff that are well known for being good or my personal preferences.

Keep in mind that some stuff won’t be on sale (e.g.: GS Audio Store) but you can still use 11.11 coupons, so it’s a great to time to be an addict. Have fun!


  • GS Audio Store [No discount - Use coupons if you can]: ST1 is a rec from me. GT12 as always peaked my interest and they just launched GT12x, so you might wanna check those as well. GD3A is being praised as a good hibrid for it’s price (around 120$ I believe). Remember you can customize every set from the store, and that can be discounted too :wink: .
  • Shuoer EJ07m or Shuoer EJ07 [Discounted] - They are discounted on Dudo audio and you can also ask for a better price. Check other stores for them. 07m is a big rec from me. I never demoed/owned EJ07 but people rave on it for a reason, so there’s that.
  • Tanchjim Oxygen [Discounted] - For those looking for a DD king, this is the right time of the year. With discounts and coupons you can get it for around 200€. Worth looking into.
  • Check out Linsoul during 11.11 as they seem to have some discounts up or some package deals like these. The Mangird Tea + Monarch Mk2 cable is sweet, although, keep in mind some people are having problems with Mangird Tea QC.


  • K’s Earphones Temperament LBBS [Discounted]: Get it. Make sure you choose the first option “BellLBs-no mic” because others aren’t the same and aren’t good. There’s only that version without a mic and 3.5mm. Get it. Fast. Go.

  • Yincrow X6 [Discounted]: One of the best bass IEMs on the market. Get it if you’re a basshead and you wanna try buds.

  • RY4S Plus 32ohm [Discounted]: Cheap midcentric buds, doesn’t come with a cable. They are very cheap though.

  • Smabat M2S Pro [Discounted]: A more bassy Earbud than LBBS, that is modular and you can quick change drivers on it without needing to solder them. Make sure to also check drivers as them seem to be on promo here - I only own stock and golden one, that I prefer, but I’ve heard nice things about the super driver (most expensive one).


  • Xduoo XD-05 Balanced [Discounted] - Going on sale at Dudo Audio Store. Talk to the guys, they are amazing. You can get a better price if you ask for it. Also, Burson’s V5i-D Dual Amp x2 will also be on sale during 11.11 and you can use it on it.
  • Shanling M3X [Discounted]: Great DAP and hard to beat for the price. You can save a couple bucks during 11.11 on it.


  • Nicehck Store is doing some great prices on cables during 11.11. Make sure to check them out. Remember you can also use this to negociate with Xinhs :wink:
  • XINHS Audiostore is also running some sales. Make sure to grab your favourites and try to costumize them as you can. My favourite non customs are the 4 Core Graphene (8 Cores you prefer thick cables) and the Twisted 4Core 5N Pure Copper.
  • Openheart 2 core MMCX cable with mic [Discounted] - I like this cable and can rec it for those on a budget or looking for a cable with a mic. I use it with buds. Also comes with a cheap fake leather carrying case and a clip to store it for 8 usd…

Here more Black 'n Gold for ya buddy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Shinny bling :heart_eyes: