"oBravo Ra C-Cu: $10,000 Joke" -crinacle

Holy shit lowest rated IEM by him in a while and it’s 10K someone really fucked up

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Very interesting lol. I wonder if he got a faulty set but it’s doubtful. What were they thinking with that tuning?

top comment seems to sum it up pretty well “Obravo are a boutique audio company preying on rich idiots with big wallets and cloth ears.”

Lol, some of the (relatively) cheaper obravos have been ok at best imo, but I had not heard the high end models before. Glad I didn’t go seek them out lol

I can’t speak for the mega expensive obravo offerings, but the obravo cupids are the best (enjoyable) IEMs I own and i can’t see anything under $500 besting them for me.

Yeah, they are one of those more polarizing signatures that I personally didn’t enjoy the most but can see other people enjoying it

I find them to be extremely tip and depth insertion dependant. Depending on the tip and orrentation of how it sits in the ear, the sound can change quite a bit. Also burn in helped the dd bass in my pair quite a bit.

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I don’t want to turn every discussion toward the gutter, but you guys make it so easy sometimes.


I feel like I’ve gotten desensitized for the most part at this point lol. I just accept that everything can be taken a different way


I’ve watched too much Archer, to be honest. That was my downfall.

Back on topic, part of me thinks it would be a decent business idea to launch outrageously priced products (of any type) in the hopes that they catch on. I mean, if every sheik and dot comm rich kid buys your 10,000 IEM, it’s worth a gamble, right??

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It absolutely is. Also sell some extremely priced cables and create a crap ton of your hype and your golden lol

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I tried a few pairs at can jam London and non compared to IEMs a third of the price

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Channel imbalance does not describe this anymore, does it?

Looks like QA slipped with a sledgehhammer.

That should not be acceptable wtf is QC.