Oculus Quest 2 headphones

Hello everyone I am looking for a pair of headphones for my quest 2vr headset.

I have a pair of one plus buds that just fall out of me ears all the time i have tried 2 different sizes of ear tips on the sound core liberty air and they don’t fit either.

My main setup is focal elex dac\amp combo, so I don’t need super HIFI for this and i also wont be playing on this too much.

Budget- 50$
style- over the ear
Size- small
Mic- NO
Connection- 3.5mm

The quest has built in speakers and supposedly built in microphones but I don’t want people around me to hear what I’m playing and I don’t need a headphone with a microphone either I am looking for a pair of small\lightweight as I will already have enough stuff on my head. so something semi comfortable for hour or so sessions, would like to keep my budget at about 50$ as I don’t need anything to HIFI since it will mainly be for games.

Thanks for reading

Considered Koss KSC75?
Would closebacks be better for isolation concerns?
Brainwavz HM5 can be had in the $62-$70 range.

SHP9500 if open.
Not sure what size works okay here.

Monoprice ModernRetro with a pad swap.

Hello thanks for your reply and yes close backs would probably be better i clearly forgot to put that in my post, and no i have not considered koss.

I have only actually owned sennheiser, the focal i clearly own now and my Sundara I could use my Sundara but they are just to bulky for the use case I have that’s why i’m looking for somerthing else preferably smaller.

I don’t plan on using the quest as my main game system so i’m not to worried about the sound as much as the size and comfort, I obviously just don’t want game branded headphones. I will look up the koss and the brainwavz i know koss been around a while and i have only heard the name brainwavz