Off topic: The Irishman

Movie talk here. No spoilers, but curious to see what people think. At 3 hours 29 minutes, I think any movie studio would have made him make some edits, but Netflix wants the cred and there’s no one there that would force that on Scorcese to land this exclusive.

Aside from early pacing issues, I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to after a slow start. Joe Pesci is 5’2" and still can be terrifying. I was also glad to see Pacino play someone other than himself. I don’t know if this is a great film yet as I’m still processing it, but if it’s their last good film everyone involved could have done a lot worse.

Watching it in about 30 minutes. No expectations yet, but I’m huge Scorsese fan.

The makeup threw me at first. That and the age of the actors I love. But I’m a huge Scorcese fan myself and I know he’s been trying to make this movie for close to 20 years. The title should be I Hear You Paint Houses. Its the name of the book its based on and the title screen during the credits, so very odd they changed it for reasons I don’t really understand. I had read a review that it’s Scorcese’s equivalent to Unforgiven being Eastwood’s answer to the Western genre, but I don’t quite see that.

It will be great. Longer movie means more diehard fans if it’s good.