Office/Gaming room setup

I’m new here and want to do a nice setup for my office/gaming PC. Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

Thinking about buying a couple nice bookshelf speakers for either side of my multiple monitors.

Possibly a center channel my main monitor can sit on. 34" monitor. Have to do some measurements to make sure it won’t sit to high.

As well as some satellites through the room.

I want to have spacial audio for gaming.

Willing to take suggestions on speakers but was mostly wondering about amp/dacs? New here so I don’t really know what I dont know. Don’t want anything super large as it’s only going to have the single input, maybe Bluetooth.

PC isn’t centered in the room it would be nice if it had an auto tune feature. However I’m guessing manual tuning is possible just not ideal.

My monitor doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 so will be using display port if that matters. Really only need an audio input then out to speakers. I could do HDMI out still to the amp.

I have a good budget but not looking to go absolutely crazy.

Won’t be super loud just want some nice sounding audio with good spacial ability.

Sub would be nice but room isn’t large. 8x10ish.

Any suggestions, ideas? Thanks in advance.

You basically need to create a plan for the overall budget. How much for the amp, how much for the speakers, subwoofer and something for the cables and small things.

Major question.
Would the HDMI output be the audio source from the PC → gaming setup?
Or do you have a Optical / digital output in PC?
-If no digital output. is there a option to add if PC has room?

That HDMI basically sets that you would have to get a AVR-amplifier that takes HDMI input from PC and would send the 5.1 audio or more channels. Also this makes things more easy.
-HDMI output would be available from PC audio device. Automatic or one click to change audio device.
-AVR could have room correction or room setup to get most out of speakers sound.
+The AVR would/could have proper SUBOUT for the subwoofer.

So that AVR kinda would set the “master unit and amplifier” for the setup.
Plus the options, speaker channels and features + room correction already limits the selection.

Subwoofer also easy. As long it has the needed sub-input or RCA connections.
Auto-power On/Off is very good feature.

This might be easy or hard. Depending on the measurement “how large/small speakers” can you place in front of monitor and the sides. Also the satellites, how much room there is and weight / installation possibilities and so on.

Coming back to the budget.
IF going to AVR route, i might budget AVR with 1/3 of budget, 1/3 for sub and 1/3 for speakers.
SO what AVR costs with the needed options → goes down the rest. That would be a very good gaming setup with this mindset.

Everything changes if adding a digital output to the PC. Then much cheaper and budget friendly options are available like a “plug&play” type setups like Logitech Z906 and so on.