▶ Official MISSING HEADPHONES Request Thread

Rather than creating individual threads every time, why don’t we just have dedicated thread for this.

@ZeosPantera, did you forget to create a thread for the Sendy Aiva? I’d also like a Mr Speakers Ether 2 thread as well.


What about the Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee.

Damn. Missed a few. I will get them setup soon.


Can I put in a request for the Massdrop TH-X00 and the TH-R00?


I would like to have a thread for the Massdrop Ether CX as I will probably do some pad rolling and want to talk about it.

ZMF Ori would be a good one

Sony MDR MA900 and Denons please!

I’m surprised the SHP9500 aren’t on here.

Massdrop/Hifiman HE4XX.

@ZeosPantera should we be @ mentioning you when posting here? I don’t think you’ve added any of these since June… Also do you care if we create our own “official” threads for DACs and such using the diamond icons? There are plenty more DACs and amps worthy of a “official” thread such as the RME ADI-2 DAC.

I will just enable notifications on this thread. I obviously had to turn that off site wide or every post I made was sending me emails… EVERY … POST…


Did this post send an email

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I do not see a thread for the Monolith M1060c.

DT 990 need a thread it’s arather popular headphone regardless of how sharp it is

We’re gonna need a thread for the Vokyl Erupts now that they’ve started shipping. I got mine today, and many others should start getting theirs soon.

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