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This is the official thread for the Ohm Walsh. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Passive
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Made in Brooklyn

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Z Reviews

Interested to see these in a 5.1 setup.

Actually think ohm makes surround versions of their speakers if your interested

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I think Z reviewed one not very highly. Ohm Micro Walsh Z Review it would be interesting to hear how the Ohm jive with other speakers, I have some KEF, Polk, and Klipsch and just curious how it would all sound as I build out my theater.

I don’t think the microwalsh was the ones I was taking about. I think they have surround or center in the names

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They have the Talls, Wall mounted surrounds, centers, shorts, subwoofer, floor standing satellites, and the beta tests.

MicroWalsh is the smallest size rather than a type of speaker Ohm makes as compared to the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 sizes.

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There are next to no reviews on any of Ohm speakers other than Z’s

It’s kinda because they are a smaller high end niche company, and don’t really advertise that much (to my knowledge). They sometimes aren’t at some large shows either

I have an Ohm Walsh surround setup.
1000s and the wall mounted omni-directional surrounds. I have to say it’s pretty magical.

No center channel because the cross-firing 1000s creates a true phantom center. I typically watch TV/movies WAY off to the right side of the room and I’m always amazed that the right speaker “disappears” and the dialogue is centered. Whereas being way off-axis with front firing speakers would sound so incredibly unbalanced.

Also to note, if I were to purchase a center channel (which I have no plans to do) it would be from Ohm because it would need to match all the unusual characteristics of the semi-omni fronts. A traditional center would compete with and muddle the sound.

As far as the omni-directional wall hanging surrounds…they create a wash of sound which makes them impossible to distinguish their placement. This has given me a totally new appreciation for surround sound. I feel like I’m completely enveloped by the sound…it’s not speakers firing sounds directly at me. With that said, they are very expensive considering the probably handle 15% of the overall sound.

Also, no need for atmos - this setup creates some phantom vertical sounds as well.


Sounds pretty awesome! Are you using a sub or just the front channels?

Thanks for the reply how large is your room with the 1000s? I’m debating between the 1000s-2000s my room size overlaps in the middle.

No sub. Many would argue every home theater setup needs a sub but one of my goals was to keep the setup very simple/clean. It was major reasons I went with Ohms - I could get away with no center/sub.


Nice then. I don’t think a theater setup really needs a sub unless you really like low end or your speakers are perfectly sufficient. When I heard the 2000’s, you could be perfectly fine without a sub for a music setup. Surprised with the bass on them

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I forget the exact dimensions my living room (approximately 20’Lx15’W). When I spoke to Ohm they gave me several configuration options based on the room size, my listening needs, placement, etc. It ranged from micro-talls sitting on subs to the 2000s.

We were also remodeling our living room at the time and having built-in cabinets installed. I had never physically seen a set of Ohm towers (only pix) and my wife was a bit concerned about the look against the cabinets that were planned to be built, so the happy medium was the 1000s. What really sold her was the ability to choose the color…we went with cherry.

Looking back I could have gone for the 2000s. Now that the reno is done the cherry Ohms really complement the room. They look like nice furniture. Of course, budget was a factor too, especially with all the remodeling we were doing. I believe bumping up to the 2000s was additional $800.

Maybe someday I’ll exchange for the 2000s, but for now I’m extremely happy with my 1000s.

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I agree 100% and main purpose for these speakers is for music.

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Has anyone tried an ohm center? Zeos said he had one he was going to review but it’s not up yet