Ok a quick question guys

I’ve got a few XINUS cables for my IEM’s but one suffers from a feed back/earth hum…apart from that it works fine, if I move my head around it comes and goes so I’m guessing it’s the MMCX connection/soldering reckon that makes sense?..got a wee soldering iron and feel confidant any advice :beers:

Add bluetack inside of the connector
It’s a good isolator and will prevent future misshapes :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise I can recommend some gel flux for all solder jobs ^^

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Too late I’m afraid just destroyed the MMCX connector trying to undo do it :grimacing::joy:
New cable time :tada:

I don’t think that you get hum from a cable… i would rather wonder about the source. Certain IEMs can be so sensitive in my experience that it is very hard to find a clean source for them.

I agree but I’m running Tin P1’s which take loads of :boom::muscle:t2: to drive properly also a cable swop cured it :+1:

XD maybe the quickest solution to your problem :partying_face:

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