Ok my og iFi iDSD micro just died

Battery I reckon so gonna check that out…thb I only got it out again to drive my “new” Fostex PurpleHearts…my iBasso DX300/312 drives all my IEM’s but I did prefer the Micro with the Fostex what ya reckon will be the cheapest equivalent of the og?.. secondhand’s fine as I’m mostly IEM?


PS doesn’t need to battery powered but life on a barge is :zap:challenging :grin:

The black label is pretty inexpensive when you can find it. I really enjoy my signature but I found a new in box for less than $500 when I bought it.
Maybe a hipdac or the go blu.

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Yeah I really like the iFi Burr-Brown sound with the Purplehearts and yeah the BL or Sig would be awesome but I’d like a cheaper option if possible as I’m well happy with the DX312 for most of my sets :+1:

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Same for me, I wonder if they would ever release a cheaper portable like they did with the Air series.
Hhhhmmmm cheap and on the go with power fiio Q1 mk2 comes to mind and has a nice bass boost that warms things up a bit. It won’t be like the ifi but it can be found pretty cheap.

Andorama’s been pretty consistently having email deals on a few of the IFI portables ($200-300 new)

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Dude - could just be a dead battery inside.

I’ve since swapped out my battery (the original one that came with it, was swelling).

It does NOT boot without a battery. Some requirement they’ve set with the device. I tried that way, since I wanted to use it directly cuz I didn’t want the battery to be charging all the time yada yada.

First try opening it and look for a battery swap. If you can DIY, you might even get any other battery to verify if it boots, then get the right battery. Save some money.

If you want, I can guide you on how to open it… A bit of a trick.

My 10 cents.

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Yep battery on the way out and yeah I’ll take it apart and replace the battery if I can find one suitable…In the meantime I’m giving it a big 'ol charge to see if that’ll help :man_shrugging: I haven’t used it much this year since I got my DX312 as all my IEM’s are 4.4mm, then dumb ass here jumped on a set of PurpleHearts with it’s fitted 1/4” cable :upside_down_face: so busted out my old Micro…hoping a big charge will kick it’s ass into let’s party mode lol…we’ll see over the next day or so but thanks for your input buddy :raised_hands: + :beers:

Good plans my man… Cheers!!!

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Well after a 10hr charge it seems to be working ok, I only use it plugged into my MacBook Pro so :crossed_fingers: she has a few more miles in her :man_shrugging::notes::notes::notes::smiley:


Yaaaasss, that’s the best when a piece of equipment you think is dead come back to life.

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Great to hear it’s found the Fountain of Youth! Haha let me know if those issues persist and I can get you in contact with ifi’s support team.

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