Ollo S4 and S4R

Anybody have either of the above or indeed have heard them?

Both have a pretty flat frequency response and priced well :+1:

Lol I can’t take the brand name seriously as a long time cow chop fan

I’ve heard the S4, and I can say they kinda sound like 600s with less treble. They were pretty comfortable and felt really nice regarding the build quality. I think they have a little too much bass to be considered neutral, but that could just be the company trying to tune it for equal loudness. I think that the 600 was more detailed, but the s4 had better soundstage if I remember correctly. I’m pretty sure the only reason I went to hear these things was because the company was called “Ollo” lol. They would definitely hold up for light mixing imo, but I think that the 600 might be a little better tbh, just because of the better timbre and higher level of detail. I don’t know if it can scale well with amps, since I didn’t get the chance to try, but it seemed to be able to run off of most amps with a decently low output impedance. Overall they were a solid piece, but I didn’t think they were super impressive either.

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