Omg! i want to die!

Stem cell therapy and cannabis pain relief.

I don’t smoke, so a joint is out…but yesterday I tried a gummies with 10mg of THC and 50mg of CBD. I can’t say it helped with the pain, but did relax me a bit and I had patches of numbness moving all over my body, which was an interesting feeling.

Thc has come so far thankfully there are products alternative to burning plant matter . Experiment with the dose the great thing its a much more safe and healthy over pharma/opiates. Slim to zero chance of overdose and addiction.

I had chronic back pain with intermittent severe episodes for about 15 years. It all started after a car accident when I was 20. I saw lots of chiropractors and none of them made much of a difference vs. waiting it out after a severe bout.

Ten years ago this completely changed course due to two things:

  1. Ignoring all the doctor’s advice to avoid “heavy lifting” and doing exactly the opposite: Now my primary exercise is Olympic Weightlifting with some Power Lifting workouts thrown in.

  2. Learning about Dr. Sarno and TMS. Plenty will dismiss this as quackery but I can only say that it worked for me. After my most recent episode (about 10 years after I learned about and had actually forgotten about TMS), I had a consult with which was very helpful as a refresher. There are plenty of books and videos on the topic if you’re curious. Most people aren’t.

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being I can’t even move…we’ll need to make some sort of progress to where I have mobility.

it’s no hyperbole when I say I can barely wipe my ass after taking a dump. and believe you me, I don’t want to have to rely on someone else to do that for me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been there many times. Last time I was there I watched a TMS documentary and had a 50% reduction in pain within an hour. 80% better within days. Back to lifting after a week.

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As a big gutted hockey player these stretches before games and after the shower helped a lot and really i should do it more often. I have a big upper body and shorter legs. Im 5’8" and im the same height as my 6’ plus friends when we sit next to each other.

As you said the “burn” feels real nice and the relief is pretty quick. Theyre easy stretches too as you lay on your back, cross your leg over, then let gravity do the work.

I have a slight herniated disc too that i was told not to worry about but i swear sometimes ill reach forward and i just feel it.

I got the results of my CT scan yesterday. apparently my back in fine…no bulging discs or any signs of my back / spine breaking down in any way. but an anomaly was seen, and it’s something my gp says he’s never encountered before. apparently I have a build up of tissue in the epidural space of my lower back, which appears to be pushing on my nerves, causing my problems. he’s reaching out to a neurosurgeon he consults with to get his thoughts on whether surgery to remove said tissue would be an option. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully they can sort it :+1:…had loads of shit medical issues/stupid fuck ups myself…A gym squatting "accident " #1 lol


metal detectors must just love you. got paperwork to confirm this so you can get on planes or go into courthouses, etc?

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LOL we flew from the UK to OZ a couple of years a go and had a change in Dubai…be like :eyes: :thinking:


damn. I’m not happy to say I appear to be on a downward spiral again. movement is getting painful again. I can still get away with squatting if I do so at a snail’s pace, but bending over is verboten, I can feel spasms gearing up. :frowning: