Omg! i want to die!

sciatica pain like nothing that could ever be imagined.

that is all. /end of line

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Fell better soon.

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Check these guys out! They have a number of videos explaining causes and exercises for relief from the pain. Physical Therapists, good ones, really know their stuff. Bob and Brad’s videos helped me fix/overcome shoulder impingement and low back/hip issues. They have so much good info on their channel. Good luck my friend!

Do every stretch you can, do them all day long, over and over, very few things other than months of stretches seem to help the pain from hell :skull: sorry to hear of your woes, been there done that don’t wish it on anyone…good luck and many wishes for a speedy recovery!


I really want to die. I didn’t think it could get worse and it’s getting worse.

who’s got morphine? it;'s not gonna stop the pain, but at least I’ll be delirious…

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Try cannabis ?

because it’s a nerve issue, nothing takes the pain away.

and a buddy is sending me some THC cookies they make…

I had oral surgery hurt like MF the pills didnt work. But the weed did the trick. Have your buddy send something with higher dosage. They used to be 500mg edibles now its like 100mg. I see 50mg try those and up or lower the dosge.

Sorry to hear that.

I’ve mentioned before that my background is in Exercise Physiology; sometimes sciatica can occur because the piriformis which runs right next to your sciatic nerve is tight, and it can literally press up against it and cause that pain.

This isn’t medical advice lol and of course there can be a lot of other reasons why someone would experience sciatica, but if that is indeed the reason why then stretching your piriformis could alleviate some of that pain.


looking int it now.

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I heard your mom likes to stretch her piriformis… Ooooo diss


well, the more I look into what’s going on the more it appears I am suffering from a herniated disc. and because of the symptoms I’m suffering, this likely originates with a crash I had on my mountain bike 23 years ago. crashed flying down a hill @ 45mph. had a helmet on, which is why I’m alive.


Yeah, a lot of times people hear “sciatica” and instantly get suggestions like “stretch out your back!” It depends on what’s causing it. If you suspect something like that definitely go talk to a doctor! Also sorry to hear that but thank goodness you were wearing a helmet and made it out okay.

Absolutely they can diagnose that trivially with an Xray.
Herniated disks are usually not long term conditions, they do heal.
Most people in their 40’s or later are going to have significant damage to their back, but not everyone has continuous pain.
I had relatively severe lower back pain for an extended period a decade ago, Xray showed a disk likely impinging on a nerve. In my case I ended up getting a steroid shot in the back (a somewhat controversial procedure) that’s done outpatient, along with physical therapy, it improved over the following months.
But there are also more severe solutions for more severe damage.


hopefully the Dr can get the scans ordered and bump me up so I don’t have to ‘wait’.

that’s the problem with our free medical up here in Canuckistan. long line ups.

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will the piriformis exercises be a good idea to try still or should I lay off until after talking with my doc?

You can give them a shot. You basically cross one leg over the other and sink into the stretch; you’ll feel it in your glutes as well. If you YouTube “piriformis stretch” you’ll probably see a ton.

It should feel a little uncomfortable at first but better as you hold it. Go for 30s on each side, 2-3x, and focus on slow, controlled breathing. If you feel any pain at all stop immediately. There’s a difference between the pain of feeling a burning sensation while working out and pain originating from your spine, and you don’t wanna mess with your spine. Let me know how it goes.


^ This is my favorite variation.