On-ear headphones under 100€?

Are they any good on ears aside the koss?

Another option would be Grado though there “issues”

  • They are very open which gives them a certain kind of sound which is not everyone’s cup of tea, Personally i think they are very niche and only work certain songs (mostly live performance that are vocal focused)
  • Stock pads are terrible so you have to spend another 10-15$ for the pads (it should still be under 100)
  • Attached wire is very thick and clumsy
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The ETA O2 is stellar.

Under 100, not 1000 :sweat_smile:

Only idea I have would be the 1more Triple. It says over ear but it is closer to be On-ear. Tiny bit above the budget though.


A second hand / discounted Sennheiser HD25 maybe