One handed life hack

yep… i hate having to use both hands to plug or unplug my headphones, gear nowadays is super light. my solution? a 1.5lb weight.

works awesome. plug headphones in/out with one hand all day long. gives your free hand room for activities.

bonus tip:
if you believe it does, it also cuts down on case vibrations and lowers noise. put a high resolution sticker on the weight though…or else this won’t work


Or get a heavier Amp :stuck_out_tongue:


Zeos hack = bluetack.
Or just -> 3M VHB duoble side tape.

“One handed life hack” use the left hand. Giggidy

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This is super cheap stuff you can buy in the kitchen section of Target or Wal-Mart. It’s foam rubber stuff meant to put under your silverwear organizer so it doesn’t slide around your kitchen drawer. It’s doing a good job of keeping my gear from sliding around the desktop when I plug/unplug cans and push buttons. I’ve cut a notch out of this chunk to stick under my Asgard.


My desktop is covered in that. Kinda looks good too.

Then you might aswell go for industrial anti-slip mats:

Or you could use a spare 24 inch monitor to hold it still…

If you cut your wires off technically it becomes wireless

im glad you all have a free hand to do with what you wish