Onkyomusic shut down! Nooooooooooooo

This is crazy sad, I’ve bought quite a few tracks from here. They had a good selection and i was trying to see if they would have an indie group called Autumn Vacation in flac only to see this. I mainly use bandcamp, onkyomusic and 7digital for flacs so seeing one of them go down like this is a real shame and makes me wonder about the future of downloading hi res

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I would say it’s more because of onkyo as a company then the actual future of lossless download sites, but it still is unfortunate that it’s shut down


Yeah for sure but as they said due to how people listen to music changing they had a hard time. I’m sure 7digital and bandcamp have big enough fan bases to not shut down and there will ALWAYS be a niche for hi res it sucks to see any if these shut down and have less options to go to

True, as that means less competition, and potentially less music out there (if it could only have been found on onkyomusic

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There were very particular tracks that i only found there like Bol4- galaxy and many more. It’s like buying high res or Cd quality is already crazy fragmented. While mp3s can all be found in the same places for the most part. The play store for example has everything I’ve looked for but it’s mo3s which are done but not what I’m looking for if possible