Only for tarkov dt990 vs 880

ive literally created this account because i cant get the pure info i need. dont care bout dacs, music or any of that. i purely want to know which is better for tarkov. please help im losing too much family time trying to research your threads. i have arctis pros for everything else but i want a better experience for tarkov. im prior us army and have tinitus so treble is no issue. i cannot test in person due to location. i dont want pros cause i dont want coiled cable for better management at my desk. i love arctis pros, i just know there is better and i like the idea of beyers. i run a hyper x solo so mic isnt an issue. i do run discord religously as i play with group. i really need help but everytime i dive into the forums its bunch of random shit avoiding the actual questions asked. i run a x570s aorus master with ess sabre 9118 that is capable of 600ohms amplification. later down the road i may get a dac but that subject for different time andf your forum touch base on dacs very well. so purely from the tarkov aspect which would suit better? 990s, 880s, or tygrs. honestly tygrs kind of turn me off due to you saying being able to locate voices is difficult and i need that to be able to tell where the insane ai scavs are located. please help. in addtion is there really a difference between 250 ohm and 600 for my needs? for reference my arctis are 100% turned up on the actual headphones with pc volume at 79%, i run the performance eq setting. this was originally a message to falenkor but in case he doesnt respond i am posting to larger audience. 150$ budget.

Welcome brother!!! I don’t have have much experience with byer but are you open to other suggestions? Maybe a different form factor like iems.
Where are you located (country) so we can make recommendations that are obtainable in your location and it’ll help down the road if you want to dive into amp/DAC recommendations.
Hopefully you get your question answered and if you want to try something out that’s cheap but really really good, pick up a pair of koss kph40.